9 thoughts on “Hollow-Hoax on WordPress”

  1. Glad to find you. You already had a site here.
    Not so politically aware. “What are your kids learning?”?
    Facebook is the place but need several helpers to post.

      1. Just signed onto Rabbits Hole Gloval under name of notcomatose, or free_your_mind. Not sure how that will come up but there was one person on it who was on Coz group. The four square sandwich, damn, forgot the name. But you will likely find others you have met. Did not see your name. Serious stuff in CA fires I sent you link to YT to watch as it is not natural forest fie, tries not burned, houses turned to ask like Nagasaki, and windows melted, procelian and steel tubs, metal all melted. Seems something like a lazer used to target thee places. No dogs wandering like after a fire. Still and no life. At least 100 died. Did not say if they were evacuated and if so how would they know what was coming. Like one square block burned and the rest around it untouched. They just built a 500 trillion watt power plant in CA, one moderator said. Spooky, like the reduction of population started, or giving people the cue that they want to follow orders. Watch 41 minutes of the Vancouver thing and was unbelievable. What is going on? Something organized. Chaos and people at extremes. Maybe the cellular and metal boxes that use cellular energy getting people to act strange. Seems I tried to send you a link to a video or two and although off topic is not really in the long run. Who is in control here in America? Your country will be affected, as they let Bush take over the police and military when a meeting between the two gvmts. held in Canada, and used some high microwave equipment to dispurse crowd.
        Who is in charge there? Could not even understand the issues, but the radical groups were absurd, and seems they should have been removed from meeting as disturbing official meeting. Sorry the attorney died. Your friend. He seemed like a decent fellow.

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