Are you waking up yet? Hoodwinked?

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I grew up as many of you grew up.  Not hating.  Not promoted to hate.  Questioning things maybe.  Yet what is being promoted by Government and Mainstream Media cannot be called anything but “Pure Hate”.  Hate the Muslims.  Hate Islam.  Hate Refugees.  Hate “Sharia Law” and make YOU afraid to be made to abide by it.

1984 was a good book by George Orwell, and it was very telling of the future.  In various ways.  If you have not read it, I suggest you do.  You can find a video of it, but for this blog, I wish to submit this 2017 explanation.  Agree or do not agree.  Yet please give it consideration:

1984+33= 2017 & YOU (24 Minutes)

Check your dictionaries.  Look up the word “Semitic”.  You will find it to be a Language.  Not a Race, or a Religion.  If someone calls you “Anti-Semitic” are they not in fact then, calling you “Anti-Language”?

It’s simply a hoodwink.  How can you argue, that which you do not understand?  They might as well be calling you a “Gunky”.  ← Yet you know they mean it in a bad way.

They, of course, wish you to relate it to “Racist”.  Certainly against a Religion.  You are not that, are you?  You do not wish to be associated with that “pigeon hole” do you Grasshopper?

Ken O’Keefe went further, and still, does, but he certainly understands the “hoodwink” as so should you.  Example:

Zionism is Doomed’ Ken O’Keefe (44 minutes)

I do not expect Israel to end anytime soon.  I do not expect the Rothschilds to stop with the promotion of Greater Israel.  I personally think we all need education, and we should all promote what we agree with, and despise what we don’t.  I think to HATE is wrong.  I think we should (those interested in decency and peace) support BDS.  Get the App:

Boycott Israel App for your Phone



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