What’s up with Greenland and Iceland?

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This certainly is a topic that makes me “Scratch My Head”. Iceland and Greenland have always been a “WTF Zone” to me!

When promoting Nikola Tesla (in my #1 Tesla Group on the Internet) I ran a video from Vimeo, and I paid to have an upgrade of Vimeo to show a Map. My #1 Video has over 5,000 views, and certainly it is Worldwide… in all… but… guess where?

Now, I know that Iceland and Greenland are into using, and certainly promoting Alternative Energy, and so I would expect they would just jump all over videos which promote that. Yet nothing.

Still puzzled, I did some research on the places. Could they not get Internet in those places? Too poor to own Computers? What is going on?

No, in fact, I did some research, and found that NOT to be the case! Greenland and Iceland are on the Net more often and in higher quantities (per Capita) than most other Countries in the World.

Suppression? I dunno, but the stats say this is not so. They are certainly highly educated up there. Mostly Atheist. They recently BANNED Televangelists there! They are 100% off the Grid in Iceland. They threw all the Corrupt Bankers in Jail! They have a very high standard of living! They make most Countries look sick!

Could it be suppression? I dunno. Yet when it comes to the Hollow-Hoax, my Goal is, of course, to get this TRUTH out Worldwide, and I count on all of you to help me spread it. One will get 3, 3 will get 7 and so on. The Holocaust Lies are just too suppressed as being lies and so ridiculously STUPID, that anyone doing an investigation on the Hollow-Hoax will certainly come back as what the Zionists would label as a “Denier”. It also, is probably the biggest “Hoodwink” still promoted daily, weekly, monthly and yearly by your Mainstream Media as being true. Even top Intellectuals state that “Holocaust Denial” is insane!

Yet what is really insane, is that after all, NOBODY (and I mean nobody) can describe ONE single part of this “Acclaimed Holocaust” and give any references to it being true, in ANY way, shape or form! Believe me, I have been debating people for years!

They either block me, report me, go off on “irrelevant tangents” of talking about Moon Landings and such, tell me of the hearsay they BELIEVE from Uncle Tom or Grandpa Bob… but finally, as a last resort, they will call me a “Poopie Head” and that is about it.

So, better than the 5,000+ view I have gotten on my Tesla Video about getting off of the Grid:

I have had over 7,000 people a week investigating the Hollow-Hoax @


and nobody really disputing my evidence, and still, NO GREENLAND OR ICELAND! <== WTF is up with that?



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