History of Social Media: Then And Now


The earliest methods of communicating across great distances used written correspondence delivered by hand from one person to another. In other words, letters. The earliest form of postal service dates back to 550 B.C., and this primitive delivery system would become more widespread and streamlined in future centuries.

In 1792, the telegraph was invented. This allowed messages to be delivered over a long distance far faster than a horse and rider could carry them. Although telegraph messages were short, they were a revolutionary way to convey news and information.

Although no longer popular outside of drive-through banking, the pneumatic post, developed in 1865, created another way for letters to be delivered quickly between recipients. A pneumatic post utilizes underground pressurized air tubes to carry capsules from one area to another.

Two important discoveries happened in the last decade of the 1800s: The telephone in 1890 and the radio in 1891.

Yet for the most part, this was ONE on ONE communication.

The only time you dealt with “Censorship” on it was when you were in Jail.  Today we have a more advanced, but difficult dilemma and far more intrusive to humanity.

For “Large Scale” communication of News, Important Events etc, we had (in the past) Town Criers, Churches, and finally Newspapers, Radio, and then Television.  It was easy to bribe a crier or pastor, and you could buy up newspapers, radio stations, and television stations.  You could (if you wanted) be the ONLY VOICE to be heard, for the most part.  You could be successful in suppressing information you wanted to suppress, and you could be successful in promoting beliefs that otherwise would sound ludicrous, but given the numbers of people believing it, and the lack of alternative information, you could actually believe things like:

“National Socialists would build elaborate camps in order to kill people in, or work them to death, of which they would fill with “mostly Jews” and transport these Jews from all over the Nation to these camps, in order to provide them with a “mass genocide”, but at the same time, try to cover it up.”

Yes, you could actually get people to believe that crap if yours was the ONLY MEDIA you could get your hands on.  It may be laughable, but I might remind you that Humans once believed for over 1000 years in Zeus, who’s father swallowed all his siblings in order to control them, but Zeus (being hidden from his father by his mother from birth) was able to poison his Father and make him throw up all his siblings so they could join with him in a World War of Control, with some help from Magical Creatures from the Underworld.

It is simply AMAZING what humans will believe when there is no alternative for information.  It also is a very powerful “tool of control” (the media) if you can get your hands on it and control it.

In humanities case, there was such an entity.  The Zionists.  It took them years to get “total control” and some may argue that they never fully achieved it.  Yet they certainly achieved enough.  Yet they did not foresee the Internet.

I have been with the Internet since it’s inception.  I remember when it began with “chat rooms”, and the days of “cybersex”.  At first, a common saying was “The Internet is for Porn”.  It was, in many ways, as people were curious as to all that was out there in cyberspace, now with themselves at the keyboard, and they wished to “test some boundaries”.   People got tired of simple play and began to evolve into Social Media.

My first experience with Social Media was that of Yahoo360.  Much like Facebook of today, it operated in Groups etc and dealt with topics of interest.  However, as it got bigger, it got into Advertising, and with Advertising, you get Corporate Desires coming into play.  In order to appease the Advertisers, when the Social Medium gets big (just as with Newspapers, Radio, TV) you have Moderators who come into play.  This is where the trouble starts.

Being expensive and time-consuming to moderate all chats and posts etc, the Medium decides to “farm this out” to outside Moderation Firms, who operate on complaints, and complaints only.  They rarely (if ever) look at the data they are moderating, as they simply leave that up to the “complainers” and if someone gets too many complaints, for the same kind of content, they designate that person who makes the “Social Media Blogs or Comments” as someone to be “Targeted”, and perhaps removed (banned or suppressed) from the Social Media Realm.  However, again, they merely act on the number of complaints, and rarely (if ever) even look at the content.

Well, sorry to say, but when you have had over a Century of “Controlled Media” and all of a sudden people are “free to speak”, there will be different things expressed than what you are used to.  Some might find this astounding.  Some may find this laughable (still believing in their “spoon-fed propaganda”) and some may be maddened by it, even so much that they wish to complain.  It does not mean they have justification for complaining.  It does not mean that what they are complaining about is malicious, or hateful, or false.  It just means it upsets them, as they are not accustomed to that view, or views like that view.  It boggles their mind.  Rather than research it themselves to see if it has any credibility, they simply complain.

This may be justified for “some of the people”.  The bullies, trolls, and general negative thinkers on the internet that do get complaints, and those complaints are justified, but even with them, there is a problem when you “Moderate By Number Of Complaints”, as what happened in Yahoo360.

In Yahoo360, guys would come on to girls in the Medium, and if they were rebuffed, they turned to their “Gangs” to gang up on the Girl and make complaints (the same complaints) in such mass, that the “Victim Girl’s Yahoo360 Account” was not just suspended, but closed.  When they closed (effectively banned) the account, it also closed the victim’s email account as well!  Many people at the time used Yahoo for business email and had all their friends and family with only a Yahoo Email Contact.  This, therefore, did irrefutable damage to the victim!  Infuriating as hell!

I (at the time) ran a very large “Multi-Blog”.  The largest on Yahoo360, and I, along with others made up a petition to Yahoo in order to stop this practice of “Over Moderation”, but even with our many signatures, Yahoo turned a deaf ear to us.

Many joined “the New” MySpace, but that being more “Music Based” and not so much in the “Intellectual Realm”, it was not that attractive.  Infuriated, many were looking for another place to go, but there was none.  This is when Facebook started.

At first, Facebook did as Yahoo360 did, by banning peoples email, but since they had no control over another mediums email (like Yahoo or Gmail) this was not such a big deal.  People (once banned for no good reason) would simply join Facebook again with another email.  However, I guess shortly after its launch (within a year or two) Facebook got the hint and stopped doing that, opting for suspensions (although limited at that time) instead.

Facebook (after all) was more interested then in numbers of users.  Over Moderation was not a good thing, with their new goal of getting Facebook on the Stock Exchange and it now becoming an Advertising Medium of pure Wealth.  Therefore they were low key on their suppression, although even then, the Advertisers would needle them, and certainly the Zionists who did not like the negative exposure they were getting.  Facebook began to “turn the screws” and to suspend people more often for complaints, as the Zionists simply upped their complaints to Facebook.  Now it is (today) like a “Suppression Zone” that in fact outdoes anything (in negativity) that even Yahoo360 did!

Everyone migrated away from Yahoo360 in total disgust.  I hung on until the end, running a very big Multi-Blog, but finally, I too escaped to Facebook, as did my top Moderators and Bloggers.  Inside of 6 months of me leaving, Yahoo360 was no more.  Too expensive to keep ANY infrastructure in place with few members left.  All the BEST of the BEST bloggers gone to Facebook.  They were finished!  They shut their doors.

Today I am not waiting until the very end.  I can see the “Forest for the Trees” right NOW!  All of my Moderators are being suspended in such amounts that it becomes next to impossible for my “Major Players” to blog in my Groups.  Facebook suspensions make it impossible for even ME to accept new members and approve posts.  When I am suspended today, it is not something I can foresee coming.  It is not over something I posted against “Community Standards” and although they may label it as “Spam”, it is merely something like a post about Revisionism which I shared with a Revisionist Group.

Posts I make on Alternative Energy are being marked as Spam.  Posts against Donald Trump.  Certainly, posts which are “Anti-Zionist” in nature, and for that, I have even designed places to go (like here) to escape the suppression.  Yet even in these realms, the Zionists go out of their way to suppress.  What they cannot control, they suppress.

So I am here to tell you that I am “Migrating Away” and I advise you to do the same.

They only retain their power when you empower them.  By putting up with it.  Simply because they are the biggest or the most popular.  What is it worth if all your BEST bloggers no longer post there?  What is it worth if you learn little to nothing anymore on Facebook?  More than that, why would you stand “with and for” suppression and “Bully Tactics”, just because they are the biggest?

I have found a Social Media Site called “World Truth” which allows no Advertising.  They operate on “Donations Only”.  ← This is a much better plan, that is IF those donators do not start asking for people to be suppressed.  From my investigations of the owner, and designer “Coz”, I am fairly confident this will not happen.

It is designed as “Specifically Non-Suppressive” and for the most part Anti-Zionist.

Screenshot 2017-10-20 09.17.14.png

You can join and find me for free here:

Join James at World Truth

I will be transferring my Groups out of Facebook, and although I will return to keep accepting posts and members etc, I will not be blogging much on Facebook anymore.  When I am suspended, my posts (of past) become invisible to everyone.  I am not going to put up with that.  Nor should you!





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