What a shame it is when Intellectuals play this game of promoting the Holocaust!

Is it just that he lacks in his “Fact Checking Skills” or is he just Indoctrinated?

This is recent.  It is not like it was done long before the Internet, and possibly this is why Chris Hedges knows nothing of the truth.  I am going to give you the preface for it, and then give you a link to the “Video Series” so you can sit and laugh and laugh and laugh.

However, this is no laughing matter when you have TOP INTELLECTUALS singing pure fraud, and so obvious, that a Child can figure it out as fraud, with very little background.  Yet for you Grasshopper, let me give you it all:

This lady says she was in Auschwitz at the end of the War.  Given her age, she was very young.  She tells of arriving by train to Auschwitz and the stories that she was told on the way.  Can we have a “Down to Earth Moment” here?

They were coming on a train, and they did not know where.  They were not told.  Nor had they been there.  Nor could they know ANYTHING about what they were about to experience.  Yet to this “young child”, who was easily influenced, she believed them as they told their yarn.

As Chris Hedges begins his yarn of the tale and mentions for the first time “Six Million Jews”, you see this photo.  In reality (just like the one with the kid with hands up) the photo is staged.  It does not relate to a “Nazi Holocaust” at all.  This was a camp bombed by the British, and the camp was filled with patients mainly.  Very sick.  After they bombed it, they lined these bodies up for a “Photo-Op” and unlike the “Typhus Victim Photo’s” (which were real Typhus Victims) they were not naked.  When asked why the Typhus Victims would be naked, it was explained that when they died, the other prisoners would steal their clothing as there was a clothing shortage.  Yet these bodies are all clothed.  No time for stripping the dead.  No, these people died from bomb blasts while their clothing was on.

Now her story starts in the first clip.  She was in Poland.  She was 9 years old.  The first clip simply talks about that time for her in Poland.

Clip One 13 minutes

Clip two is where she starts to go through her “assumptions”.  She says “We knew we were to be shot”. ← How would she know this?  Who would tell her?  Why was she not already shot?  Obviously, she was not shot, and so her assumption was wrong.  She may have heard “hearsay” but she certainly was being given BAD information.  Who is the real criminal?  Who tells a 9-year old that they are going to be shot?  Why would her Mother be telling her about heaven?  How would her Mother know what heaven was like, and why was she relating this to a 9-year-old?  Would you do this to a kid?

Clip Two 13 Minutes

Now in Clip 3, we see this photo again that Chris shoves in your face.  It has little to do with the story, but he seems to think it necessary to show it.

The boy in the photo is claimed to be Tsvi C. Nussbaum. Nussbaum claims that the photo was taken when he was arrested on July 13, 1943, in front of the Hotel Polski on the Aryan side of the Warsaw Ghetto.

If the photo was taken in the Warsaw Ghetto and if Nussbaum is the boy in the photo and he wasn’t killed, then this means that the Nazis had no “common plan” to commit the war crime of genocide of the Jews.  That is why so many researchers have concentrated on this photo, trying to prove something, one way or another.  Yet Chris has to stage the photo as well, with no explanation.  He has none.  That is a common thing with “Zionist Propaganda”, as no explanation is needed.  Look at the photo and INVENT the story in your own mind.  They will accept any conclusion you come to.

Going on with clip 3, now she is 12 years old.  Keep this in mind.  In this clip, Chris says “Herded towards the Crematoriums”…  ← What Chris?  Are they now being burned alive?  That is a really old “Propaganda Story” which has been changed as it is silly.  No, Chris!  They were “Gassed First” and then taken to Crematoriums after they were dead!  Fact-Checking for morons or what Chris?

We seem to be missing part of the story here as the “Zionist Propaganda Tells Us” as she is talking about her Mother, who was not Gassed?  I mean, she herself is 12 and she was not Gassed?  She relates her Mother was almost unrecognizable, so sickly looking.  Why was she alive at all?  Something not adding up here, and here she also relates that there is a guy on the train who says “They are taking us to a place where they are gonna burn us”!
How would he know that?  Nobody was told even where they were going.  It could have been Africa for all they knew, but this guy (who obviously could see into the future) knew not only the place, but they would be burned?  Pfft.  Finally, she relates that someone had compassion for a 12-year-old girl and says “Don’t say that crap!  What you say just could not be true”!  Yet she confirms it herself that they had no idea where they were going as when she got off the train, she asked specifically “Where Are We?”.

An orchestra was playing?  Confirming of course that there was a Camp Orchestra.  Yes, and a Swimming Pool and a Library and a Canteen, and a Rugby Field, and a Hospital, but in this story, she has to tell a lie.  She says she first saw this:

Well, how was that possible, when she came in here:

Something not adding up here Sherlock, but when she says she was told that everything would be fine, Chris asks her how she (thinking back now) feels about that →LIE←?

Ah-Hem Chris!  She is alive, isn’t she?  Isn’t everything fine?  Pfft!  Yet going on, Chris wants to show the TOP picture of something I am going to expose here:

From what you can tell, two identical pictures of the same exact scene with the same people in the same positions must have been taken 30 years apart at two different places by two different cameras because one has poorly drawn dead jews etched on it.  So Chris?  Using “Faked Photos” now to back up your yarn?  Don’t try to tell me that you did not KNOW about the bottom photo, as later in your clip, you even →Show It← Pfft.

So here we go on further with her hearsay: “We were told, every 3 months they were killed”.  Wow!  So YOU knew but the Jews doing the work for the Nazi’s did not know that they would be killed in 3 months?  They chose to work and do that job knowing they were going to be killed in 3 months?  Ohh Really!  You →HEARD← that, did you?  You were told.  Ok.  Go on…

Clip 3 10 Minutes

In clip 4 she actually talks of the Gas Chamber.  Now, this is where we are going to blow her story right out the window.  You will see later in the clips that she is actually there in the LAST DAYS of Auschwitz.  The Gas Chamber (if there ever was one, which is more than doubtful, but impossible with “chemical analysis” of it) was supposed to have been decommissioned by 1943, long before she got there, and then turned into a storage area, and finally into an Air Raid Shelter, as Germans like to put their Personale into an OLD GAS CHAMBER WHERE TONS OF JEWS DIED during an air raid and wait for the air raid to end ← laughable, and then finally it was reconstructed as a Gas Chamber again after the War, as the NEW SIGN outside of it says:

And here we go with the BIG lie!  Get ready for the ride!  I don’t want to die hungry?  Are you still there, lady?  Go on with your hearsay.  Ok so they would beat you, and you could not stand, they would send you to this “Non-Existant Gas Chamber”?

Now we go into the “Death March”.  Listen closely, as what really happened was that the Allies had bombed out all the supply lines.  The orders were to abandon the Camp.  The Germans gave people a choice.  They could either stay, and wait for the Russians to come, or they could come with them.  No promises either way.  This was not irregular for Germans to do either.  Those who could, would, in fact, go with the Germans, as this was the enemy they at least knew.  Ohh and she mentions all of this, as it was a fact in some ways, but  while going along with the idea of a “Death March” they ELECTED to go on. ← Seriously?  I want you to think about this again.

They are given the choice of waiting for Russians or going WITH the Germans, and if they elect to go with the Germans, then they are now on a “Death March”?  Huh?

She says that “Most People Left”, once again confirming that most trusted the Germans more than waiting for Russians.  She says her Mother says, if they stay, the Germans will blow up the camp?  Now how would she know that?  Not only would she be wrong, but again showing how much crap this kid believed!

She talks of the Roads and Train Tracks blown out, and so who did that?  It was the Allies.  This is why they had to evacuate the Camp.  The supplies were unable to get to Auschwitz.  Yet she also talks about being given Sugar before they left.  Why if on a “Death March”?  Why not just leave them all there to die?  Why not shoot them all in mercy?

Ohh but she does talk about mercy killing.  People who died beside of the road as they marched.  Too weak to go on.  Yet they ELECTED to go anyway with the Germans rather than wait for the Russians, and she talks about one person shot, kneeling?  Could that not have been a “Mercy Killing”?  As well it might have been disheartening to her, but her Mother was probably mercy killed as well, as she could not go on.

What were these Germans to do?  Leave them to die slowly in the cold?  As she said, there was nothing but fields.  Nowhere for them to run.  Nowhere to go for shelter.  Why waste a bullet?  Why?  The only reason why you would shoot someone who could not go further would be because of a mercy kill.  She talks of the handsome  German Soldier PERFECTLY dressed ← (yes because he was a Proud Soldier of the 3rd Reich) and they were trying (even when they were losing the war) to do the “honorable thing”.  They would not leave her Mother to die slowly, and they could not wait for her.  It was a mercy kill, and if they did not shoot her, and left her to die slowly, that, in fact would be the cruel thing to do lady!

Clip 4 15 Minutes

Now I gave it all to you.  Tell me Chris Hedges cannot Fact-Check any of this!  Tell me he is just stupid.  When I see our “Top Intellectuals” put out Garbage like this and attempt to claim they are not hoodwinking people, it makes me SICK!

It makes me lose faith in humanity.  Yet you know what?  You still have ME and the other Revisionists.