Sheep or Fish? What do you call YOURSELF?

hook line and sinker

The biggest tool of Zionism is Deception.  To tell a story which is not true, that is ridiculous to believe in.  Yet with constant promotion and manipulation, make you believe it.

It started back with the Russian Revolution and the Bolsheviks.  That’s when they coined the word:


Now, if you did your homework, Grasshopper, you would understand that the key part of that word is “Semite”.  Now I will hang on here while you start “Googling” Dictionaries.  You will find that every one of them describes “Semitic” as a language.  Not a Race, or a Religion.

If you are going to be “Zionist” about it, it (I guess) should be funny to watch the Goyim suck up what you make this word into.  By adding “Anti” to it, you transform its meaning from language, but in order to confuse the Goyim, you don’t transform it into one possible meaning.  A combination of 2 or 3 would be better.  How about:

  • Semitic is a Race
  • Semitic is a Jewish Religion
  • Semitic means Jewish


That should be confusing enough.  Now the Bolsheviks can justify killing 10’s of Millions of “Mostly Christians” by labeling them as “Anti-Semitic” and everyone will be just too confused to even argue it.  Ohh, and the Zionists laugh.

Then as the “Political Philosophy” gets bigger, you can beg for cash to help the “suffering Jews”, even though most Jews were against Zionism during its inception.  Never mind, they will all come into the fold, once they see these “Zionist Tricks” all working.  Next, they just need:

The Goyim

Most of the Goyim (after all) are the Christians, and since we need them alive (say the Zionists) if they are going to do our bidding.  We need to convert these Christians.  How to do it?  Hey, we are Zionists, after all, they say.  The Answer is clearly Deception!

Enter Oxford University and the Scofield Bible.  Written by a known Fraud and Felon (Scofield) and published by Oxford University (to give it credibility) a Publishing House was opened in New York.

Screenshot 2017-10-21 12.12.41

The year 1909 (almost 90 years ago!) was quite a year. Louis Bleroit of France piloted a small monoplane across the English Channel; homesteaders began to arrive in Montana; the NAACP was founded; Al Capp, the creator of Li’l Abner, was born; Einstein became a leading scientific thinker in Europe; Grand Prairie, Texas, was incorporated; the first Siberian huskies were introduced to Alaska; George Sargent won the U. S. Open in Golf; Pittsburgh beat Detroit 4-3 to take the World Series; and, of great importance but little noted, Oxford University Press published The Scofield Reference Bible.

It was released to the public in January 1909 and revised by Scofield and his team of consultants as the New and Improved Edition in 1917. Now, almost 90 years later, the 1917 edition is still being printed by Oxford University Press, and the 1967 edition, the Scofield Study Bible (the title today) is offered in four versions: the King James, the New International Version, the New American Standard Bible, and the New King James Version. The first million copies were printed by 1930. Since then the number published has escalated and so has the diversity in versions of it and languages. The Scofield is now printed in at least seven languages other than English.

This Bible is the ONLY Bible in the World that promotes:

  • Palestine as a Promised Land for the Jews
  • Islamophobia
  • The Rapture

It keeps the “King James Text”, but introduces these beliefs in “footnotes” at the bottom of the pages.

10 Minute Video on the Scofield Bible

It worked!  They got their Goyim!  Within 10 years, they had in fact gotten enough Goyim that as WWI came to a close, they (the Zionists) were able to promise the use of this Goyim in order to turn the tide of the war.  As a matter of fact, not only could they promise this, but they could merely demand Palestine (their goal) as a reward.

Balfour Declaration and the American Goyim

And the Zionists LAUGHED! ♥

Yet that darn Hitler got in the way!  They had already controlled most of Germany with the Banks and the Media, and they had turned Berlin into the “Sex Capital of the World” when that “Bad Ol’ Hitler” came to be.  And you Goyim should hate him!  It’s legal you know?  After all, more than 70 years after his death in 1945 (supposedly) the airwaves still reverberate his name, and as this “Evil Awful Dictator of Genocide” right?

Hate Speech

And the Zionists Laugh! ♥

As they funded Churchill to destroy this Man, and destroy them, they did, using their Goyim, and nobody needed to know anything different, nor could they, as the Zionists own your Media after all.

They tried 6 Million before (actually over 130 times) and it brought them money, but this time they wanted more than a piece of land to settle in.  They wanted to OWN it, and as a matter of fact, ALL of it, and so as soon as they had beaten this “Bad Ol’ Man” Hitler, the Zionists brought out the 6 million claim again!  Heck, they never needed evidence BEFORE and so why should they need any now?  They needed Sympathy and they already got some before:

How many prior claims of 6 Million were successful for Zionists?

It worked!

And the Zionists Laughed! ♥

Today they are using their Goyim (that would be you by the way) to achieve their Greater Israel Project, and their promotion is still “Islamophobia”, but since they pulled off 911, that promotion comes, a lot easier.  Every time you disrespect Islam, it is a “pat on their back”.

Greater Israel karta2 (1) (2)

It really does not matter if you are a Fish or a Sheep there Goyim.

As the Zionists Laugh! ♥




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