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I remember as a Child, what I was told about this “Evil Germany” and the “Madman Hitler”. Lost even as a Child on how this could be true. Germans were not mean or bad people. Why would so many people follow a Madman? Something does not fit. I was compelled to read Mein Kampf and it really did me little good. No idea what Bolsheviks were. No real preface on Zionist Control, or the difference between Zionists and Jews. No knowledge of the Balfour Declaration, or the Scofield Bible. No idea of the impossibility of Gas Chambers, or the disposal of the bodies necessary for the claims (at that time, still 6 Million) and no real idea what that many bodies would look like.

The only reason given was that Germany wanted to take over the World. No real way to judge if that would be true or not. One-sided propaganda and Mein Kamph (as I said) did not help. Hitler (I was told) hated Jews and no reason why he would feel that way. What, was he crazy?

Before the Internet, there was nothing really from the other side of the argument, or discussion. Nothing at all. Crazy Skinheads (racists) doing Nazi Salutes and parading around with Swaztiga’s.
That was about it. Yet by the 1980’s, it seemed clear that something was out of balance here. Why were we still discussing it, and why were we only discussing one side? Kinda like having an argument with yourself, but this was acceptable to be in Mainstream Media, and people who were still talking about it were NOT crazy?

I still can’t believe that I (of all people) was afraid to look at, had no interest in, labeled without investigation, Ernst Zundel. I cannot believe I did that. I never even looked. Some crazy Nazi who they wanted to throw in Jail and protesters wanted him dead. I can’t believe that I never stopped to ask why. I can’t believe that I fell for this “hook, line, and sinker”. Certainly, I was in the mode of “If everyone believes it, then it just must be true”. I continued to believe that sort of crap when it came to God, and Jesus especially, right up through the 1990’s. Even into the Millenium.

Hey, nothing else to go on. Everybody believed it right? It was Christopher Hitchens who made me think about what I took for granted on Fairy Belief, and he made sense to me when he said stuff like me not wanting to have this God, even if it was to be true. So why not question it? Why not question this belief in Jesus too? Yet you know what is really silly?

Neither is National Socialism, or Hitler or Gas Chambers or 6 Million Jews a “Fairy Belief” that you will not find evidence for or against. The story is treated as if it was God or Jesus. Like one of the 3 things you never discuss in mixed company. Sex, Religion, and Politics <== insert Hitler and Gas Chambers here!

Why? Why can’t we discuss it, and why is there only ONE side, and why is it still being mentioned every week in Mainstream Media, if it cannot be discussed? If there were 6 million, there should be records. At least graves. 6 million worth of ashes? I am not going for this 6 becomes 4 and 4 becomes 1.5 either. Where’s the beef?

If there were Gas Chambers, then let’s see them! Even if destroyed, there should be SOME evidence in the ruins. Well? What do you mean no Gas Chambers have ever been found? When did you come to this conclusion, and why have I never heard about it in Mainstream Media? Yet they STILL are talking about it? Wolf Blitzer still saying 6 million and Gas Chambers? Sam Harris constantly talking about Hitler and the Holocaust, and stating that to deny it (the Holocaust) is the same as talking to Space Aliens? Isn’t that a little over the top Sam? You can believe in Space Aliens if you want, but you are not going to base a Country or a States legitimacy on Green Men from Mars!

And that IS what it IS, as without this “Holocaust Claim”, you have no legitimacy for the State of Israel. Certainly not after the Balfour Declaration. We do not give credence to Holy Books giving people the right to a land mass. Some may, but not the majority. In fact, there is no way this idea is going to fly UNLESS you throw in the Holocaust. It is necessary! Without it, there is no legitimacy at all!

So THIS is why it cannot be discussed. THIS is the reason for the Gag Orders on the other side of the argument. THIS is the reason for “Anti-Free-Speech” laws in (now) 24 Countries of the World! Who ISN’T yelling about this? Anyone not yelling at this and promoting the suppression HAS to be evil! There is no “bout adout” it!

So I want to point MY finger at anyone who says 6 Million or Gas Chambers today, as there is NO reason to bring this topic up, only to REFUSE to discuss it! It is an old piece of NEWS (if you can call it that) from more than 70 years ago! If you are going to bring it up, and not allow any discussion on it, refuse to look at, or present your own FACTS, then you are simply evil.

And no, it is NOT funny!

Hitler said it best years ago! (6 min)

Let’s get rational for 1/2 hour ok?

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