The Zionists “Dirty Little Deal” to Humanity.

man who wrote balfour

Who wrote the Balfour Declaration? Not Lord Balfour. This is Leopold Amery, a Jewish Zionist in the British Government who wrote the Balfour Declaration in 1917.

The Balfour Declaration was Demanded by the Zionists as payment by the British to the Zionists for getting the U.S. into WWI on Britain’s side.
From a speech in 1961 by Benjamin Freedman,  Jewish, and a former Zionist:

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In a news interview, Alison Weir, founder of If Americans Knew, discussed the real author of the Balfour Declaration. In the interview Weir said:
In terms of the British responsibility especially regarding the Balfour Declaration, there’s a very, very important back story to this that is probably one of the most covered up aspects of this very covered up issue.

This came out in an article by Professor William Rubenstein, a very well regarded Jewish British historian: a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and former president of the Jewish Historical Society of England.

Rubinstein wrote that the true author of the Balfour Declaration was not Mr. Balfour. It was actually a man name Leopold Amery who was, in fact, a Zionist and a British man of Jewish background.

Amery not only wrote the Balfour Declaration, he later took credit for it… there’s a quote in which he says, “I seem to have had my finger in the pie not only of the Balfour Declaration but of the genesis of the present Israeli army.”

Alison Weir discusses secret author of Balfour Declaration

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