Revisionists that do not agree?

Yes, a few major ones have changed their tune a little.

Why is that?  Well, there could be various reasons, and a major one being that they are done (at this point) with being a target of the JDL or the ADL or B’nai B’rith International that are notorious for firebombing and beating and killing and having people shut down financially.  As Doug Christie has said they love to go after the “breadwinner” in order to silence and intimidate.

1991 – Doug Christie on CBCs ‘On The Line’ – debating Freedom of Speech for Teachers (1 hour)

Jim Rizoli just made an issue of this, and I suggest you watch this video:

Jim Rizoli for 20 minutes

Now here is where I stand after research:

I go along with the statement that any Judge will tell a Jury, that being:

“If you are to find fraud or misrepresentation in any Witness Testimony, then you need to disregard ALL of that Witnesses Testimony when making your decision”

So what we have here is promoted fraud, after fraud after fraud, hidden documentation, some “capped” for 30 years, some 50 years and some still capped today.  We have certain evidence from even the likes of David Irving that the Enigma Machine Documentation outlines the daily going on in the camps.  It was not presented at Nuremberg, and it is never discussed by anyone (other than David Irving) today, which I feel is MAJOR evidence.

As Jim says in his video, for any claims made today from the likes of David Irving or Mark Weber or David Cole as per the amounts of Jews killed (shooting or otherwise), there are 3 things missing for sure.

Nice to say “We know they were sent there or were there, and not there to be counted after the War”, but folks, we just cannot count on that.  After the War and even during the War, there were many people moving around, displaced, going into hiding (for whatever reason), changing their names etc etc etc.  What we DO have is the account of the Jewish Population Before WWII and After WWII as per documentation.

So we got some “splainin” to do!

You just don’t claim (as some Revisionists mentioned) that 2.5 Million Jews were killed and produce no evidence for it.  You cannot say that we know they were there and then they were NOT there, and so they had to be murdered.  Sorry.  That does not wash.

After the War, there were massive frauds going on.  People tattooing themselves to claim reparation money, people making certain false claims for losses, as I said people changing their names (which is quite common with people who are Jewish (John Stewart a certain example) and this is common).  So you cannot just “Count” people (as David Cole does (who also changed his name to hide from the JDL)) based on names, even if you had them.  We have the records of those people claiming to be Jews or of Jewish Origin counted by not just one source.  By many.  Including Jewish sources.

Furthermore, going deeper into this documentation, in some cases it is claimed by Corporations who do the counting, that “all of a sudden” their figures are “estimates” but just for this time period.  ⇐ Something does not smell right when you make this claim.

There is no basis for the original claim of 6 Million.  It was used over 100 times prior to WWII in order to gain sympathy for a “Jewish Promoted Cause” by mostly Zionists.  This is clear.

However, this “specific claim” was made by a guy that said another guy said it, who when finally put on trial said that he never said such a thing!  That is all it was anyway.  Pure hearsay!

As Jim says in his video, these numbers have been changed “officially” but the same “Propaganda” spewed as if nothing new happened.  The plaques stating 4 million finally erected, and then changed to 1.5 million at Auschwitz are just one example, with the figures of the original claim never being reached or substantiated.  The only records we have are from the Red Cross:

The Enigma Machine Records (which they still like to keep a lid on) and finally the German Records for places like Auschwitz:

That is all we have.  So (as Jim says) given all the fraud surrounding this (and we should not even need to go that far as to even listen to crap at this point after all the fraud presented), it is not in OUR COURT to prove your “Pink Elephant Does Not Exist That You Talk To In Your Living Room”!  ⇐ It is your job to show the Pink Elephant!

Never mind “you clearly talk to something” in your Living Room.  You can’t even show the shipments of food for this Elephant, and you cannot show the waste that this Pink Elephant must excrete, or how you dispose of it.   Just because all your Neighbours believe that you have a Pink Elephant in your Living Room which you talk to, does not mean it is true!  You CAN be crazy, and you can also be lying.

In the case of the Hollow-Hoax, you have plenty of good reasons to lie.  Over 13 Trillion paid out to Israel in various forms of “Sympathy Money” Worldwide so far, with a present 2.5 Million recipients of Hollow-Hoax Money alone is good reason to lie, never mind your Greater Israel Project Plans and your Genocide of Palestinians, and your wars to kill off as many Arabs as you possibly can, which you want overlooked Zionists.

There is plenty more reason FOR Zionists to lie and suppress truth than there is for Revisionists to invent something simply because (as Zionists claim) they hate Jews.


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