The Internet is waking up to the Khazarian. The truth. “Bout Time”!

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Ohh and the Zionists don’t like it.  Not one bit.  Too bad!

Suppressed as the best they can of me (for one), they cannot stop you all.  Facebook is useless to me right now, as I cannot comment or even “like”.  Suspended while under suspension, and suspended again.  It really does not matter.  The “cat” is out of the bag.

Yes, it has been there for quite some time.  Benjamin Freedman was trying to expose it back in the 1960’s.  Revisionists like David Cole, Ernst Zundel, David Irving, and certainly Mark Weber have been exposing the truth.  Showing the documentation.  They too (using “Old Media”) have been suppressed.  It was possible back then.  You could buy up Newspapers and Publishing Houses and TV Stations and Hollywood.  Back then.  Yes back then.

No matter what they do today, they cannot stop the Internet.  More are coming online every day.  Even under suspension, I can visit Facebook and see the posts.  Post after post on the truth of Adolf Hitler.  Post after post of the FRAUDS of the Holocaust.  It’s working, as I knew it would.  This will continue.  As, “psst Zionists”… come and read closely…

zionist hoodwinking end

You have been “Masters of Fraud” long enough.

You are not Jews, nor do you care.  You are not Semitic nor do you care.  You have not been victimized, nor have you ever really cared about victimization.  That is what you do best.  Make victims.  Victims of your “Propaganda Lies” and your agenda for your Kingdom to rule the World from.  That of the Greater Israel Project.

Yet we are on to you.  We have all the information now.  We just needed to take it out of that “Geek Format” to make it interesting to the eye.  We can take it from here.

In 16 Minutes, The Hidden History of the Khazarian Empire




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