BDS bill dies in committee as Students have no idea what a Semite is, to call it “Anti-Semitic”


It seems to be the PLAN of Zionists to get people to argue meaningless words on important topics, just to see how laughable they are.

The term Semitic means:

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↑ Oxford University who put out the “Scofield Bible” for Christian Zionists↑


At least you could call Webster Dictionary “Bought and Paid For”, but they are laughable:

semitic webster

Yes, our “Students” think Pro BDS is “Anti-Language”…

After three hours of deliberation, over 1,000 students and faculty members watched as the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) bill failed in committee at the Student Government Association meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 16.

The bill, sponsored by freshman representative Tobi Olagunju and neighboring representative Ashli Taylor, called for UMD to divest from companies with connections to Israel.

Because the bill had received two unfavorable committee reports, two-thirds of the legislative body would have had to vote yea for it to proceed to the floor. This majority was not reached, and after almost three hours of deliberation, the bill failed before it ever saw the legislative debate.

The meeting saw record attendance. An hour before it began, students lined up outside of the Colony Ballroom at the Stamp Student Union to gain entrance. After the room reached capacity at 400 bodies, students crowded around laptops and phones outside to watch the Facebook live stream, which peaked at over 900 viewers.

Dozens of students gave speeches both for and against the bill, which was especially controversial in light of the campus’s current emphasis on inclusion – the previous night, the new Chief Diversity Officer at the university had engaged with students over issues related to diversity.

Students on both sides of the debate were certain that a victory for the other side would discourage discourse and instill division.

Jewish students turned out en masse to stand against the bill’s passage, afraid that it would force them out of the conversation surrounding the conflict and embolden anti-Semites on campus. This past year, there have been numerous reports of swastikas drawn at this university.

“I often wonder if the rise in anti-Semitism on college campuses is tied to BDS,” said junior government and politics major Alex Tobin to the SGA. “Some say it’s a coincidence. I know it’s not, and I think you know it’s not either.”

Maybe IF they ever figure out that Semitic is a Language, and they then can see that it does not relate to the discussion, and is as irrelevant to “Israel vs Palestine”, the Greater Israel Project, the control of Banking and Media and Government, they might BEGIN to deal with issues that are important, rather than vote insanely based on their misunderstanding of what words mean… huh?

One of the myths that has been perpetrated on the world is that only Jews are Semites. This is totally inaccurate. Unfortunately, the ADL (the Anti-Defamation League) has made a fortune in donations and has conned most media networks and most people in the world into believing this untruth.

If one looks into the history of the word, “semite”, it has to do with a language group and no more. The semitic languages are, at least according to most linguistic experts, Amharic (spoken in Ethiopia and Eritrea, the lands once known as Abyssinia), Arabic (spoken in all the Arab countries and in many Muslim countries because it is the language of the Qur’an), Hebrew (spoken in Israel and by some Jews and others outside of Israel), Aramaic (spoken primarily by the Chaldeans of Iraq and by some Catholic and Maronite Christians in the world, at least in their church services if not in their homes or business) and Syriac (spoken by a few in various parts of Syria and in the Middle East). Incidentally, according to most linguists, Abraham, the father of the Jews and Arabs, spoke Aramaic, that was the language of the land at the time, not Hebrew.

To get back to facts about Semites, Jews, language, and genetics, let me go further. The actual genetic Jews were born in the Middle East and are known as Sephardic Jews. These Jews did speak a Semitic language, Hebrew, from their earliest incarnation, but also, some at the time of Christ, also spoke Aramaic, Arabic, and Amharic because of their location in Jerusalem and other Middle Eastern cities such as what is now Addis Abbabba, Cairo, Baghdad, and Damascus. One rarely hears a Sephardic Jew yelling, ”anti-semite” because they know better and because he is aware of his own history within Semitic language speaking lands.

Let me be clear about another important matter; I am not touting people who are anti-Jewish or anti-Arab, or anti-any ethnic or racial group; those people who stereotype or attack others based on their race or ethnicity are dead wrong and should be condemned—so too should those who abuse labels and use them wrongly to stop others from being justifiably critical should also be condemned (and in this case, I am referring to the ADL and other groups of that sort who label people with impunity and carelessness, sometimes wrecking their careers, their reputations, their businesses and their lives!)

Thus, when a person from the ADL calls someone who is critical of Israel, Zionists or Zionism, an “anti-semite”, this is pure nonsense. The person speaking is simply critical of Israel or Zionism. Also, if a person speaks against an Arab, and as I pointed out, Arabs speak a Semitic language, he may be anti-Arab, but he is not “anti-semitic.”. In both cases, the person may be anti-zionist or may be a racist and be anti-Jewish or anti-Arab, but the person is SIMPLY NOT ANTI-SEMITIC.

This abuse of the term and our language reached new heights recently when some of the Zionists in the American media began saying that Robert Novak, himself a Jew, was “anti-semitic.” First of all, most of those Ashkenazim Jews who were born and raised in America, such as Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and Feith, are not even Jews genetically because they are descended from Slavic tribes known as the Khazars who converted to Judaism and whose native language was Slavic and whose first language in America has been English, as was the case of Robert Novak. I am not saying all Ashkenazim are not Jews, but the way some of them behave is certainly not in the way Moses brought Judaism from God through the Torah. One has but to look at the haters and war-mongers in the Bush circle of influence and this is evident; no God would want them to be associated with his name. Thus, as a friend of mine, Rabbi Shmuel Handelman put it, “They may call themselves Jews, but I doubt very much if I’d them that, and if I did, I’d say they were the worst of what any person might be. I’d rather not be associated with them.”

However, Novak is intelligent and educated enough to know the difference between a Jew, a Zionist and what Semitic actually is! An excellent and accurate source for this history is Arthur Koestler (himself an Ashkenazi), THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE. The ADL and others have attacked, and continue attacking this book, but scholars know of its truth. The book is difficult to find, but one may find it with tenacity. This is not a condemnation of Ashkenazis and their intent to convert to Judaism, but it does mean they have enough genetic DNA in them not to have the same feelings about Judaism and life in the Middle East as do the Sephardic genetic Jews.

Unfortunately, the misuse of the label, “anti-semitic” and its consequences have been so bad that even presidents, senators, congresspeople, media giants and all others in the world cringe at being labeled, “anti-semitic” by some Zionist, Israeli or ignorant religious, media or social group. Little do they know they are being victimized by charlatans of the language who have found a label that they throw around with impunity and for which there has been little or no come-back. Those who read this article and do further research may now correct those who speak this nonsense—they can throw this nonsense back in the faces of the ignorant or the charlatans.

It is the time our media people and non-linguistically literate “scholars”, politicians, religious leaders and others became educated about the truths about “Semitic” and its misuse (intentional or unintentional). If not, we’ll keep allowing charlatans to abuse our language and to continue their name-calling, abusing others, including Jews, Arabs, Americans, Brits, and others case, I am referring those individuals and groups who label people with impunity and carelessness, sometimes wrecking their careers, their reputations, their businesses and their lives!) by calling them “anti-semites” if they speak against Israel ( which is not a Semitic state) or Zionists (a political group, not exclusively Jewish and which has nothing to do with Semitic).

Until we clean up our language and stop this incorrect name-calling at the whim of a few politically ambitious and unscrupulous people, we shall remain victims of a misuse of a legitimate language categorization that has been abused for the benefit of a few.

Some Teachers know better. 30 Seconds from Yale



3 thoughts on “BDS bill dies in committee as Students have no idea what a Semite is, to call it “Anti-Semitic””

  1. What a load of silly bollocks.

    From your fist choice of dictionary – “Hostility to or prejudice against Jews.”

    From your second – “hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group”

    Quad erat demonstrandum – look it up in the dictionary. Roughly translated, it means you’re a doofus.

    1. No, in fact, the claim of Anti-Semitism is wrong on many “hoodwinking” levels.

      The Zionists coined the Phrase and it does not apply to them, as they attempt to ascribe it to a RACE which they are not part of, if it was a race, which it isn’t. Zionists are mostly Khazars and Ashkenazi. It designates a language which MOST Jews do not even speak, and it is irrelevant to race. Finally, Zionists ADOPTED the Religion, are not genetically part of it, and the Palestinians along with Arabs are vastly more relative to the language term, if it could be expanded to race (which I find that hard to accomplish), then they also win over the Zionists of being the most Semitic. Anyone who is NOT Zionist can figure this out, and they would need to be the “Doofus” (as you call them) if they could not.

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