I have no “Hatred” of anyone!

no hatred

Not afraid to show my face either, as I will die for my Principals.  What is true and right, is true and right and I do not care if I waste away in Jail until death because I stated the Truth.  I will continue and fight Suppression!


When I grew up. my Parents told me about this “Awful Hitler Dude” that wanted to take over the World, and that we needed to fight against him, to remain to be free.  I sorta questioned that, although it is normal to believe everything your Parents tell you.

Kinda lost though.  Germans wanting to take over the World?  Ok, well even if I had not seen them, this might be a stretch.  Yet I had seen them.  Decent people.

Well, they might be a little “on top of things” more than I was used to, and wanting things to be PERFECT more than I really was a-tuned to.  Wanting to be “ON TIME” and respectable to your word to an extreme.  No big deal.  Overall, good people.  No issues I could see with them in my infant life.


Wow.  This took me out of the realm of reality!  Especially when these GERMANS wanted to take over the World!  Radio, TV all confirmed it.  Accepted in School.  They were evil beyond evil and we WON WWII, and defeated this evil scourge!  Well, my Ancestors did anyway.

Yep, I believed it, but kinda curious.  How did it get this way?  Get me that “Mein Kamph” book!  Then I might know.

Well, I did, and I read it, and I came out not knowing what he was talking about, with Bolsheviks.  This hatred of Jews!  He was (as my people told me) an Anti-Semite.

Yet why did all these GERMANS (who were good people in my mind) follow him?  Why were they still talking about it?  I mean, the War was over and I was born in 1958.  Had my Parents suffered?  WTF was the big deal?  Old News and old history, right?  NO NO NO.

In School, I was taught how evil Hitler was and on Radio and on TV.  Constantly!  Why?  What did this have to do with my life?  Why did I have to hate someone or some race?

The answer (as I have learned, and you should too) is in the FRAUD and the Propaganda to make for the Greater Israel Project, along with total Control of all Worldwide Banking, Media, and YOUR Government!

I had no idea how deep it went.  Time for you to learn on..

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