They can’t beat us all!

The NEWEST game of Facebook Suppression is to mark all your comments as spam.  They can’t get us all folks!

It does not matter what the comment is.  Here are some examples:

⇑ This one was from Anna Alyyans post ⇑

Yet as I am seeing, many of you do not care if you get suspended and you are posting and sharing anyway.

Ohh and for good reason.  Facebook is not going to remove your account.  The CIA would not allow that.  This is how they track you.  Remind you of…

It should, if you are not aware of this already.  You are being tracked and watched.  However it is not working well, simply because…

So keep fighting and sharing in their “One World Media”, as we are gonna show them that the PEOPLE have the control and not THEM!  You and Me.

People are waking up to the fact that “Anti-Semitism” is not even a real word as they use it.  Semitic is a Language.  Zionists are not a Race other than Khazars and Ashkenazi, which is their majority.  They are not “Ancient Israelites”.  They are not even a Religion.  They are a “Political Philosophy” and nothing more.  No more than Democrats or Republicans or Liberals or Conservatives.  They do not deserve any special laws for their philosophy of World Domination.  They do not deserve any sympathy for their Frauds (like the Holocaust) and they do not deserve land, or the right of causing Genocide.

The PEOPLE will defeat them.  You and I!

30 Seconds from Yale