Stop being “Hoodwinked”!

This is not “Rocket Science”!  Not in the least.

I know.  Everyone you have always respected is either LOST or they for no good reason whatsoever believe the opposite of these 5 things.  It really does not matter how you spin it.  There is no way to research these 5 things and come to any other conclusion.  None.

If you are going to “Hate” someone or a regime, then you need an Agenda, much like what happened in the 1930’s in Germany/Europe.  How far can Islamophobia go?  If we allow humanity to remain uneducated about the “Real Threat”, then it could mean Genocide of an entire race, which is not “Out Of The Realm” of possibilities here.

I know I am fighting a battle (with you) against an “Seemingly Impossible To Defeat” foe, being that virtually all your Mainstream Media, Politicians and Intellectuals are busy accepting the frauds of the Holocaust.  With Trump moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Yet we are BIGGER than they are Grasshopper!

We CAN defeat them.  We CAN share and share and share like crazy, and we CAN educate.  Even if we lose, isn’t it better that we went down with a fight?