Did Santa bring you ALL you believed?


Ohh sure it’s cute as the little boys and girls all hope for an wish for all they want at Christmas.   Harmless, after all as they are only thinking good things.  Being that they are good things to believe, or at least cute, I guess the longevity in keeping the charade going is something that might be ended quite quickly.

When do you end the Charade?  When they enter School?  Is that when you turn it all into a new Charade about Jesus or God?  Perhaps you kept that going all along.  Ohh, you know the time of the year does not fit with any Christ Story, even if it was real, but that is ok.  Keep telling the story anyway.

I mean even with Jesus, you can morph him int a good guy.  Maybe not as good as Santa bringing lots of toys, for the little girls and boys, but something that might have more power if they do not really concentrate on it too much.  Like Salvation.  Like Ever Lasting Life.  No.  Don’t concentrate on what that would mean so much, as you cannot really know anyway, right?  I mean no thought must be made for what “Everlasting Life” would mean right?  You know, those things you would want to do Forever and Ever and NEVER being able to stop?  You don’t concentrate on that much, do you?  What Spirits would like, right?

I mean you cannot really discuss what they might like to eat, as Spirits would have no need for food, now would they?  Sex?  What Spirit would want to, or have the need to Procreate?  What age would your Spirit be?  Young and attractive, or Old and Wise?  Wisdom with a “knock out body”?  Ahh, no need to deal with details when talking Propaganda now is there?  You are just supposed to believe.

Just as with the Holocaust.  You cannot describe it for the life of you.  As the 6 Million does not fit, and no longer do the Gas Chambers fit, or even a Genocide of a Race, right?  I mean, overlooking these facts is just normal.

People like Jim Thomas on Facebook just got suspended and they were even descriptive this time.  Even if it makes no sense.Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 9.29.19 AM

If you would like that link, here it is

Now whoever on Facebook suspended him, did it because they were relating Zionism with Race (which it isn’t, and it is really hard to make that claim with any thought put into it).

Yet I guess they are just as childish as the kids you hoodwink into believing in Santa, and the ones who go further with God and Jesus in later life eh?  No need to evaluate.  Who cares that it makes no sense?  What does it matter if none of it really holds water?  It is something you promote anyway.

So are these people just stupid or are they so wrapped up in propaganda, they never spend the time thinking?  Maybe a bit of both?

When are YOU going to stop Believing and start evaluating?  Huh?



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