What Mainstream Media Can Make You Believe…

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Just watch how they preface all of this

They do it with Hitler, they have done it with Saddam, Gaddafi, and the Iatola, most recently:
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I am guessing the “Poor Sheep” need protection

MSM is here to save you!

Now I am not trying to say any of these people are “Good Guys” nor am I trying to say they are all “Bad Guys”.  In my mind, that is irrelevant!

You need to control your OWN thought processes!

Certainly people can be brainwashed, and a prime example of that is belief in God, Jesus, Muhammad, the Holocaust.  Yeah, poor sheep need to be protected?  Is that the answer?

Or is it Education?

What is the most important thing?  Being sheltered or educated?  If you are Zionist, you may feel that the masses must be protected and told what to believe, suppressing all knowledge of arguments to their promotions.

If you are like me, then I feel you should be smart enough to weigh things out inside of your own mind, and make a reasonable decision and conclusion based on your own research.

I bring up Charlie, because this is simply outrageous to me.  This guy never killed anyone.  It is speculation on what he believed, or said, that led to murders being committed, and in reality, there is, and never was any more evidence for this speculation than there is in the belief of the “So Called Holocaust”.

If we all believed everything we heard, then we all might be following Pat Robertson right now too.  Tell me he, along with are correct:


Come On Grasshopper, you are responsible for your


Yet Mainstream Media (owned and run by Zionists) wish to protect you from the Boogie Man that they deem as a Boogie Man, as it is in their own interest to make you hate that Boogie Man, in order to foster hate in the right direction, as per their own agenda.

Are YOU to fall for it?

Dianne Lake: ‘We Were All Under His Spell’ | Megyn Kelly TODAY



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