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Yet what better way to outline “The Holocaust” than the release of, and close scrutiny paid to the actual Allied Code Breaking facts of the Enigma Machine? Nothing mentioned of them at Nuremberg? Why do we have to wait until 50 years later to even LOOK at these transmissions? Is this not proof alone that the Allies would have egg on their faces if promoting a Holocaust, and not headlining their OWN data?

On 19 May 1997, the British government transferred the decoded documents in Bletchley Park to the Public Records Office in London, thereby making them accessible to the public for research purposes. Oddly, only a very few Holocaust historians were interested in the information on the concentration camps. The reason for this astonishing lack of interest is presumably due to the following remark by author Hinsley:

The messages from Auschwitz, the largest camp, with 20,000 inmates,4 mention disease as the chief cause of death, but also include references to executions by hanging and shooting. The decoded messages contain no references to gassings. <== Get that? None. Zero. Not-a. Hmm?

As shown by the Bletchley Park documents, the commandant of Auschwitz had to file a report every single day. With the exception of Sunday, these messages consisted of daily reports on population [Bestand], arrivals [Zugänge], and departures [Abgänge] from the concentration camps. For over thirteen months, from January 1942 to January 1943, the British Intelligence Service followed up and decoded these reports from Auschwitz Concentration Camp to the SS Head Business Administration Office [SS-Wirtschafts-Verwaltungshauptamt] in Oranienburg.

The decoded messages enabled the compilation of very exact statistics. The radio messages from 28 October 1942 – taking a single day at random – reveal, for example, that Auschwitz Concentration Camp contained a total, all told, of 25,298 inmates: 18,754 men and 6,544 women; including 10,755 Jews, 8,822 Poles, 1,369 Russians and 1,578 Germans. It was also learned that there were exactly 787 Zugänge and 168 Abgänge on 28 July 1942; Zugänge referred to the arrival of new inmates; Abgänge referred to deaths, executions, releases and inmates transferred to other camps.

These daily radio messages also contained additional information related to Auschwitz. Thus, it was reported, for example, that Jewish watchmakers were being transferred to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp; that Polish workers could only be sent elsewhere [verschickt] after release from quarantine; that British POWs were considered to be urgently needed to work as kapos; and that efforts were being made to locate a successor to the then-acting garrison doctor by September 1942.

With regard to the Holocaust, the Abgänge were naturally of particular interest. In actual fact, the monthly number of Abgänge in the year 1942 fluctuated in an unusual manner. While the number of Abgänge normally amounted to approximately 2,000 inmates per month, there was a great increase in these figures in July, August, September and October. For example, 8,352 Abgänge were reported for the month of August 1942.

As is readily apparent from the radio messages, this unusually high number of Abgänge was due to a TYPHUS epidemic at Auschwitz. Typhus, sometimes also known as “camp fever” is, as is well known, transmitted by fleas and lice; under poor hygienic circumstances, it will inevitably appear in almost any such camp. According to the decoded radio messages, it took the Auschwitz authorities approximately four months to bring the epidemic under control. The numbers only fell back down to the average figure of approximately 2,000 Abgänge per month in November and December 1942.

The first historian ever permitted to examine the deciphered messages from Bletchley Park was Richard Breitman. In his book, Official Secrets: What the Nazis Planned, What the British and Americans Knew,14 published in 1998, Breitman made serious accusations against the Allies. As indicated in the translation back to English of the German translation of his book – State Secrets: Nazi Crimes Tolerated by the Allies [Staatsgeheimnisse: Die Verbrechen der Nazis – von den Alliierten toleriert], he accuses the British and Americans of having known about the Holocaust from the very beginning, but of deliberately concealing this information. In particular, he accused Cavendish-Bentinck of rejecting the “Information from Polish and Jewish sources as invented.” This accusation is, however, entirely unjustified. Why should Cavendish-Bentinck have accorded credibility to unreliable reports when he was in possession of reliable radio messages from Auschwitz itself?

That Cavendish-Bentinck rejected the credibility of reports from Polish and Jewish underground sources is all the more understandable when one reads some of the documents cited by Breitman. Thus, for example, he reports that “a Polish underground courier who had succeeded in escaping to London” had made the following statements on Auschwitz Concentration Camp:

I lived a few weeks in Auschwitz.[…] Based on the information which I gathered, together with my own observations, I can assure you that the Germans used the following killing methods. A) Gas chambers: the victims were forced naked into the chambers, where they suffocated. B) Electrical chambers: these chambers had metal walls. The victims were driven inside and then killed by high-voltage electrical current. C) The so-called pneumatic hammer system: a pneumatic hammer designed to kill by means of pneumatic pressure. <== Pure Poppycock!

Is it really so remarkable that Cavendish-Bentinck considered such reports unworthy of belief? Obviously not. Any similar report would be immediately rejected as false, even today.

But there is more: According to information provided by “a Polish woman with the code name Wanda,” “98% of all arrivals at Auschwitz were gassed. ”Auschwitz was a forced-labor camp suffering from a severe shortage of manpower”, as the officials at Bletchley Park well knew. Why should Cavendish-Bentinck lend the slightest credence to the allegation that 98% of all inmates were gassed immediately after their arrival?

The British Intelligence Service had every reason to consider the decoded radio messages of the SS the most reliable source of information on events in Auschwitz. In view of the available data, it was, therefore, furthermore assumed that the local mortality rates amounted to approximately 2,000 per month, instead of 2,000 per day. According to the figures reported by the SS, there were exactly 52,996 Abgänge in the entire year of 1942. The unusually high number is, as stated above, attributable to the series of typhus epidemics which can easily be proven to have broken out in the late summer of 1942. If there had been 2,000 deaths per day in 1942, the number of Abgänge would have amounted to at least 730,000.

The figures decoded in Bletchley Park obviously caused confusion among historians. The official number of Auschwitz victims amounts, as is well known, to 1 million. But how is it possible to arrive at such a high figure based on the SS radio messages deciphered by the British Intelligence Service?

It goes without saying that Himmler had to be informed of the numbers of inmates arriving at Auschwitz, being transferred to other concentration camps or being killed in the gas chambers. The SS Head Business Administration Office [SS-Wirtschaft-Verwaltungshauptamt] must have insisted upon exact statistics as well. Since it was responsible for all concentration camps, it would have needed to be informed, not only of the number of able-bodied, working inmates, but the number of unregistered, non-able-bodied inmates as well, even if only to justify the quantities of Zyklon B requested for the non-existant gas chambers as well as for the requested quantities of coke for the crematoria.

Altogether, it would be a gross underestimation of German bureaucracy to assume that exact records were not kept of every procedure. At Auschwitz, not a single birth, death, delousing, release, punishment, execution, case of illness or cremation could occur without being reported to Agency Group [Amtsgruppe] D of the SS-WVHA in Oranienburg by the camp commandant’s office.

In view of the fact that the messages from Auschwitz contain no mention of gas chambers or mass murders, the real question is: what was there really for anybody to “know” about? In other words: was there any Holocaust at all? Regardless of the general belief that hardly any historical event has ever been so thoroughly “proven,” one must, once again, expressly point out that, until the present, not one single material or documentary proof for the reality of any mass killings in gas chambers has ever been found. The only thing that exists, at most, is mutually contradictory “eyewitness testimonies” and “confessions,” which can, at least in the latter case, easily be shown to have been given under duress.

The most reliable documents on Auschwitz – the Sterbebücher von Auschwitz,28 the Kommandanturbefehle von Auschwitz and the “radio messages from Auschwitz, deciphered by the Allies” – contain not the slightest reference to mass killings by means of toxic gas. This is in addition to the fact that the number of victims reported by the British Intelligence Service largely coincide with the numbers of victims reported in the Auschwitz “Death Books.

Auschwitz Concentration Camp reported a total of 52,996 Abgänge for the year 1942 as a whole. According to the “Death Books,” there are supposed to have been a total of 36,958 deaths at Auschwitz in 1942. The fact that the numbers of Abgänge is greater than the number of deaths, is easily explained, since the term Abgänge includes, as mentioned above, not only natural deaths and victims of execution, but also inmates who had been released or transferred elsewhere. It is therefore entirely conceivable that the number of 36,958 deaths given in the “Death Books” for the year 1942 is quite correct. The existing discrepancy of 16,038 could reflect the number of inmates transferred to other camps or released. Pending the discovery of a document unambiguously proving the gassing of thousands of human beings at Auschwitz by Zyklon B, we are perfectly justified in casting doubt upon the official version of the “Holocaust.”

Yet for some reason (Obvious to Revisionists as to why) a cap seems to be kept on these facts. The Allies OWN information. We since have Red Cross Records and German Camp Records which back up the impossibility of Mass Executions going on at the Camps, and the Enigma Machine data is still being suppressed. Possibly available, but nowhere near the “Headline News” it should be afforded.

David Irving – 1/8: Wartime England



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  1. Ahhhh ok so if you have a population in 23 Concentration Camps of about 52,699 People according to the most rationalized Enigma Codes possible ie from Decryption per year not ever going up to over 100,000 people in any of the 5-6 years of World War 2… where oh Where do these contested figures of the Zionists come from that 6 MILLION JEWS and their POW compatriots were executed in many barbaric ways. YOU DON’T KILL WORKERS you have to use to fix your war machine! You keep them very much alive, now 52,699 People X 23 is only 1,218,908 Million people……..according to Allied War Records and their own estimations another 2-2.5 Million people whom were variously dead to friendly fire and foolish incidences of World War 2 don’t make complete the 6 Million People that were supposedly put to death according to the Holocaust stories. + 2 Million you only get 3,218,908 Million People! Strange that the Enigma Codes are so useful to the Victors that can change the records whenever they feel like it and which is why such a wonderful CONSPIRACY job was done at Halifax Harbor, Nova Scotia, Canada.

    1. I don’t dispute that your Grandmother may be a survivor, but your own people in Europe turned into traitors whom sent the Jews to other places rather than the concentration camps to be executed since the Zionists wanted to take over those positions in Europe. They did it very quietly as the socalled Patriots did not want to share in the rebuilding of Europe after Hitler’s death. The Germans may have killed the Jews but unfortunately they kept alot alive since they needed them to rebuild Germany, what proof did your grandmother tell you that your people were gassed at the concentration camps. The Records there were well kept and not hundreds of thousands were gassed, by 1943 according to my father and his records Operation SharkbaitnHook was well in active motion and Allan Turing had nearly complete access to German Operations of Army, Navy and Airforce activities. According to the factual records only 1/2 the people were dying.

      1. I dispute it simply because they are never descriptive when they spout this bullshit! They have to have a “Big Bag” to hide it in called “The Holocaust” which defies specifics about anything.

        Instead they could say “My Grandmother escaped the Concentration Camp at the end of the war, having this or this happen to her, and I cannot dispute that”. Yet they don’t. Afraid to. As any experience their Grandparents could have experienced (in reality) has nothing to do with what is ascribed to “Said Holocaust”.

    2. If you like Faypo, I can send you pictures of my father Leander Brewster, Westley Allan Spinks, the ships the HMCS Outremont, the HMCS New Waterford, the 5 rotor Enigma Code Machine, my father’s records etc. Pictures of Halifax Harbor and the 2frame still of the Uboat 1006 if you like.

      Either my father’s memories or your Grandmother’s memories are false, I think in the Imperial War Museum in London, England The United Kingdom there are secret records under lock and key that answers your questions and mine.

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