How big is YOUR bag?

holocaust bag

Are you free from the Propaganda Yet?  Or still

Wrapped Up In It?

When talking the Holocaust, the very first question might be which one?  There are after all, well over

140 Occurrences Of The Word Holocaust

And that is just from 1900 on

Yes and in each case there has been the claim of 6 Million (specifically Jews) as victims.

Being “Specific” you might say during

WWII and the Propaganda from it

Yet, all and all, where do you begin to believe?

Do you start with:

  • 6 Million?
  • Shrunken Heads?
  • Lampshades?
  • Jews turned into Soap?
  • Diesel Engine Mobile Genocide Vans?
  • Diesel Engine Powered Gas Chambers?
  • Electrocution Rooms?
  • Jews burned in Pits in mass?

All, and all, what exactly do you swallow?  What can you label as fraud, and what can you say that you sorta or fully believe, as per the promotion of it?

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