Do you know why we will defeat you Zionists?

we will defeat you

As People like me do not do this for money!

We don’t care if you Jail us.  We do not care if you try to harm us.  We simply don’t care.

We are human, and MOST humans are “Good People” and they stand up for what is right and what is proven to them as right!  I worked in your system.  I actually did it all my life.  I was ignorant and misinformed, but I did work in your system and I believed your promotions and I was a fool.  I admit that.

All it takes is ONE PERSON speaking Truth!

That does not matter if that person’s name is Jesus or Muhammad or Trump!  They are only ONE PERSON who made sense to a lot of people.  My minions are not conned.  They are not ignorant.  They are not unresearched.

Ohh and I am going to give them the “tools” to defeat you!  Right out of my box of tricks!

By simply searching


On this website, they can defeat any argument.  Any supposition.  All of your lies!  Simple too, as I am going to give them the tools to do it.


On Apple

Simply use “Control, FN, F” to find your keyword in “About” that you need to copy and paste the link to your rebuttal to the Zionist who confronts you!

On Microsoft

Control, F

So, when in a debate with other people promoting the “Zionist Lie of the Holocaust”, you can simply look for a rebuttal to use in “About” by using keywords to find what you need.

Warning Grasshopper!

Most of these Zionists already know the truth.  They are promoting the fraud.  It is their scenario to use “old worn out arguments” in order to dispute your claims.  You know, stuff already discredited.  Pure crap!  Respond to them by going to the “official website for truth, being:

Institute for Historical Review


Then, simply type in your keyword (like the bullshit story they referenced) into the search engine there.  You will find your argument listed (or at least one of them), but why, ohh why waste your time with Zionists anyway, promoting a bullshit Zionist Agenda?

No matter “Who” they say they are, Zionists are famous for changing their names to not look even as Jewish.  Would YOU change your name?  Just to promote some Agenda?  They will.  So, I would advise you to simply link this website or a link, from this one or from the Institute to their “exact point” and then never mind.

They are there to “convince others” as you should be as well.  They have hearsay and “Tortured Confessions” on their side, and you have evidence.  Do not waste your time with Zionists, as probably nobody is listening, and as we become more successful, less and less will be listening.  They have not got a leg to stand on.  Other than Mass Media Promotion, Pure Fraud, Laws of Suppression, and Control, they have nothing.

You have the Power of Word of Mouth!

As a Salesman, I can tell you that this is a “Powerful Tool” and the most convincing of all.  The power of “Word of Mouth”.  Your word.  People who have no agenda.  No financial gain.  They just spread the truth.

You by reading this are one of them!

So, we have the most powerful tool, in the hands of the most powerful people, and today with the most powerful medium to spread it on!  The Internet!  We can change this!

Yet it is going to take an effort of YOU and you need to be willing to feel some pain in order to win.  There is no easy path to this which you know you need to accomplish.

Hey, spread the video, as the Zionists can’t say it is “Anti-Jewish” and it makes our point.

All you Zionists can be is Mean!



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