Stop it Justin! This is NOT “Little Israel”!

Trudeau Monika

Monika is one of OUR Citizens, and you had better step up!

She had already resigned from the Green Party, when you made your trip to Auschwitz with the Press to shed a tear in front a “Mock Gas Chamber” with a sign outside of it, admitting to that fact (built after the War), and listening intently to “Zionist Fable” of Genocide, which has been proven never to have happened in that camp.

As the “Drama Teacher” you are, you were able to well up those tears in your eyes, and the Press acting as if there was no need to “Fact Check” fantasy stories, covered your endearing display to a “Fairy Tale”.  It was all a play.  All a Charade, with the Media in tow, so that you could come back to Canada and hold a Vote in our House to Denounce The B.D.S. Movement.  You Were Successful in Getting a 87% Vote In Your Favor Doing that!  As Elizabeth May, fired all her top people when the Party (Green) decided to support B.D.S. there clearly is not a single Party in Canadian Politics that is not “Bought And Paid For” by Zionists!

Ohh yes, our Media is on the take.  Always bowing to their “Zionist Masters”, just as they covered Zundel, as he was Jailed unfairly for YEARS over his attempt to expose truth, and finally winning this right in Canada (beating the Zionists), kidnapped and sent to Germany (where Monika is) to be suppressed for another 5 Years!

What is going to be YOUR response Justin?  Take away her Canadian Citizenship?  Lift a finger to demand her release?  She is in jail because she denies the frauds you love to promote as being factual and real.  She is in Jail because she…


Denies the “Said Holocaust” acclaimed to WWII



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