New Word for BULLCRAP. Zionism

find fraud

Rather than ask what is true (when it comes to Zionism), why not ask what (if anything) they promote has any (and I mean any) correspondence to TRUTH?

I can give you a break, as if your family fought on the “Allied Side” during WWII, they were just FILLED with bull, in order to justify fighting for the wrong side.  They cannot claim they joined “willingly” into the fight, because of the HOLOCAUST as they would have to be confused.  This was a new claim AFTER THE WAR.  Otherwise, they would not have been fighting in WWII.  They would instead have been fighting in retaliation to the:

Past Holocaust Claims

They (at least) should remember one of those claims, if they followed Mainstream Media.

So (if not lying) why did they agree to fight for the Allies

Was it that invasion of Poland?

Well, if so, and that is why they went to fight, to save that “Polish Corridor”, then unless they can point to it today, they LOST that War, and they have to “spin yarns” to justify the Millions of deaths, and their fighting for the WRONG SIDE.

They might even believe these “Yarns”, and certainly if it was repeated enough (as it was), they could maybe claim their Honorable Fight.  Yet are you honorable if you simply are spreading lies, and believing lies to justify yourself?

Does it get better or calm down if everyone believes lies

they even believed about WWI & II?

Well?  Has it gotten better?  Are we all becoming MORE HUMANE and better (overall) human beings?  Do we ADD TO these lies or accept that they are lies, and try not to continue down a path of destruction?  Can you forget or turn a blind eye to what is being done to Palestinians today?  Would they have blamed Palestinians for 911 if they were not all WALLED UP and starving to death?  Perhaps not, but we could blame Muslims right?  Palestinians are Muslims right?  So, just like Zionists claim to be “Bloodline Jews” (which they are not) and that they speak for “All Jews” (which they do not), if we could paint ALL MUSLIMS with the same brush, we could include the Palestinians into the mix of the “Real Evil Ones”?

After all, Islamophobia IS a Zionist Promotion!



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