Zionists were NOT the Victims

zionists not victims

They just thought up and promoted the FRAUD

Under the Transfer Agreement, the Zionists got free passage to Palestine, and the Jews that were left were mainly ones who did not wish to become Zionists.  It was kinda unpopular with Jews at the time to be Zionist.

Now some were “Zionist Sympathizers” and some were Criminal, but most of the Jews that were left, and ending up in Camps were NOT ZIONIST.   They were to be deported.

The Zionists made up the stories and promoted the stories through MEDIA THEY OWNED and claimed to speak for ALL JEWS.  Yet they did not.

In fact they refused aid to the Jews in German Labor Camps and they pushed Jews to convert to Zionism.  They, being mostly Khazars and Ashkenazi were and still are more ATHEIST than anything else, yet they do like feeling SUPERIOR to all of Mankind, thinking of the “Non Zionists” as Goyim.  Heck, they even think of some Zionists as Goyim as well, especially Christian Zionists who have been hoodwinked by their:

Scofield Bible Fraud



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