2 words invented

The First did not even come into real existence until 1970’s

It really did not catch on well, even though promoted for years.  How many times?

Over 140 times BEFORE WWII by Zionists

There is no basis for the one they claim.  No evidence of 6 Million killed in camps, no evidence of the camps actually being (as claimed) “Death Camps” and fraud up the “Ying Yang” in the descriptions of it.  No Gas Chambers ever found.  No PLAN of Genocide of Jewish People.  One might wonder (if thinking) why Zionists would be promoting it if they were not the “Jews” labeled as victims.  As they were not.  Zionists moved to Palestine.  They refused aid to any Jews in the camps anyway.

The Second is the “Hoodwink” of Semitic Meaning Race

Semitic is not a Race.  Zionists cannot even claim to be of the blood of “Ancient Israelites”.

Semitic is a Language!



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