Standing Armies You Fools!


The 2nd Amendment was destroyed by the Dick Act. If you do not know what that is, then you are “hoodwinked in the dark”. Arms had nothing to do with it, and Arms were not declared in the Amendment. What was declared was a Militia? Perhaps going back to its origin in the State Constitutions will give you a clue, as in those Constitutions, it was spelled out in a more “wordy fashion”. Stating that “Standing Armies are Corrupt and should not be kept up under Peacetime”.

It is there, where you can un-hoodwink yourself as to the purpose of the 2nd Amendment. It was to PREVENT WAR. Not allowing the Federal Government to have a “Standing Army”. Forcing the Federal Government to consult and rely on Citizens, should they ever wish to declare War. They were tied to that “Well Regulated Militia”.

The arguments for the Dick Act were that this Militia was useless, very few trained in it, nor armed it. In reality, that was the point from the beginning, as the Framers knew very well of the “Kings Guard” or “Standing Army of the King” that was used to start Wars, and that the “Right to Bear Arms” was no right at all, but a requirement in order to keep the Citizenry armed and trained for War. By taking away that “Standing Army” from the Federal Government, wars became difficult at best.   The Dick Act negated the “Militia” and set up 3 factions of forces fully armed and paid for training in, by Federal and State Governments. Unlike the 2nd Amendment, it was not ratified but simply passed.

Immediately the “Fear Mongering” came of the Government is gonna come and take your guns, in order to get the populace to arm and train themselves at their own expense (just as it was in Jolly ol’ England) rather than forcing them to do it (by law as in England), hoodwinking was far more effective. Since the passing of the Dick Act, the Murder/Suicide/Gun Crime rates skyrocketed, and they have the populace now, from “cradle to grave” taught in Schools and in Mainstream Media, that the 2nd Amendment is SPECIFICALLY about what it is not. A declaration of their “Right to Bear Arms”, which it never was. That was an adoption (already in place) of the 1689 British Bill of Rights.

It was not declared. It was referred to, as it was already in place. What was being declared was the Militia, which was put in place to stop the Federal Government from having a “Standing Army”.

The real reason for the 2nd Amendment





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