What can we do about the insanity?

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Most people are not that dumb.  They do not look because it does not fit with their circumstance.

It is one thing to “Hoodwink the Population” with outright LIES and Zionist Controlled Propaganda, but, after all, there needs to be popular in the belief in order to conduct crap like War and Killing of innocent people.

The suicide rate among Soldiers doing the killing is astronomical.  For good reasons too.  Just like P.T.S.D.  They know in their hearts that what they are doing is wrong.  Yet they see no other choices.

The USA is a major example, as Capitalism and the Military Industrial Complex want to make sure that the kids have few other real choices.  Education kept to a minimum, there are few options for kids getting out of Schools.

In a land where there is no good reason for Homelessness and lack of Health Care, it is kept rampant and “on purpose” in American Society.  Welfare rates so low, it gives people just UNDER what they really need to survive.  That is what the kids face.  The intelligent and the not intelligent are faced with the same scenario.  If they choose to recognize the truth for what it is, they face the poverty that awaits them.

Yet in the Schools and the “Sports Arena” (invented by the Romans to keep people distracted and training for war), the Military Industrial Complex sets up shop.  Join the Military, and you get 3 Hots and a Cot!  Education, Health Care, and even a Pension (should you survive).

Given these choices, those who choose the latter, out of desperation, are more willing to accept the Promoted Propaganda of Mainstream Media.  The destruction of the Family Unit gives way for any real mentoring in the general population.

Knowing the TRUTH is not in their best interest!

Still, with that being said, 2 things remain a fact.  This is an Endless Spiral of devastation to society if these 2 things are not worked on.

#1 Education.  I leave this in YOUR HANDS to spread the truth to and for humanity.

#2 Resistance.  If you look hard enough and educate yourself enough (using especially the internet) you can find ways to get by or do well “on your own” without falling into the trap of singing “Zionist Propaganda Songs” as your heart tells you it is wrong.

As they did in Vietnam, throw down your Guns!



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