Its Common Knowledge… Right?

How often do you people “Matter of Factly” mention the Holocaust?


I want you to think about this honestly.  How often in Mainstream Media or from your “Biggest Mentors” do you see this questioned at all?  “Are you a Holocaust Denier?” is almost like asking if you deny the Earth is Round!


Yet what ⇨Exactly⇦ are you claiming as TRUE?

For those of you who say “Well my Relative was there and they saw…”



6 Million People?  Is that what they saw?  How about seeing people’s heads in the process of being shrunken?  Did they see that? How about they saw their friends being made into lampshades?  No? How about they saw their friends being “Gassed”? Did they? Well? Did they?  Burned alive maybe?

What did they see?  As I assure you that they NEVER saw anything ascribed to this so-called “Holocaust” or they are liars!  Total 100% liars. As all of these things have been totally disproved. 100% Disproved.



So what exactly is this Holocaust you keep hearing about?  If you are a “Holocaust Denier”, then what exactly does that mean?  You are informed? You are not a “victim of propaganda”? You did ANY research?

Illegal to watch in 24 Countries now…