The Hoodwink of the Lucitania

the lucitania false flag

100 years after that ‘false flag’ called ‘The Lusitania’

The sinking of The Lusitania in the context of 911, and WWIII
We are coming up to the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Lusitania, just off the Irish coast, on May 7th, 1915.
We are also speeding towards the end of those liberties and freedoms which were won at such cost by our forebears, and given up so easily, by us, to the ‘Zionist’ World Order.

Like every other ‘reason’ given before or since, for the occupied U.S.A government to ignore its own Constitution, and international law, and engage in official or unofficial war with nations that had never posed any threat to it, the sinking of the Lusitania was a ‘false flag’.
In this case a joint U.S-British false flag. Yes, folks, the Lusitania was sunk by strategically positioned charges exploded at a discrete, observed, and documented interval after the German torpedoes had hit the Lusitania. We’ll consider the details of this particular false flag in a moment. But first let’s consider this ‘false flag’ in the context of the other, now proven, ‘false flags’.

The current list of ‘false flags’ that we know of include the U.S.S Maine, the Lusitania, the U.S.S Liberty (a joint U.S-Israeli false flag), The Oklahoma City Bombing, and 911 (another U.S-Israeli false flag).

These have all been documented and proven to be Incidents in which the U.S government murdered and maimed large numbers of its own citizens and military personnel, in order to trick its public into wars. Wars in which U.S citizens were maimed and killed. Wars in which U.S citizens were tricked into murdering and maiming millions of men, women, and children. Wars which have bankrupted the U.S.A, leaving the working American indebted to the tune of Trillions of dollars. Leaving other nations with trillions of dollars in damages, not to mention the immense suffering, misery, and destruction. Wars which continue. And which will ultimately lead to a WWIII in which the U.S.A will be totally transformed from the vision of its founders, into the ‘Jew.S.A’, with all the typical qualities of ‘Zionist Jewish’ occupation as seen in the former ‘Zionist’ U.S.S.R.

Add to this ‘faked’ ‘incidents’ that never actually occurred, like the ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ incident used to ‘justify’ the U.S war crimes against Vietnam, the infamous WOMAD hoax used to justify two wars, and millions of deaths, including the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children, and the many faked ‘mass shootings’ like ‘Sandy Hook’, ‘The Boston Marathon’, ‘The Miami nightclub’, and the like, along with the faked ‘terrorist’ truck incident in Nice, and you have the list of ‘excuses’ as to why the U.S government has totally ignored international law, and its own Constitution, in not only committing war crimes, but in systematically dismantling the legal rights and protections of its own people, as supposedly guaranteed under the U.S Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Rights that the U.S Constitution supposedly guarantees its own people have been simply dismissed over and over.
And acts that the U.S Constitution forbids its own people from committing against other nations have been carried out, systematically, over and over.
Like the U.S.S Maine, ‘Gulf of Tonkin’, and 911, the Lusitania ‘false flag’ was used as a nominal ‘justification’ for war. Even though the U.S constitution strictly forbids such ‘foreign entanglements’.

In the case of the U.S.S Liberty false flag, President Johnson had intended declaring war on Egypt, after blaming the attack on Egypt. However this false flag did not go to plan, and the plan had to be scrapped at the last minute, and the victims were sworn to secrecy.

The Lusitania false flag ‘succeeded’. The U.S public was convinced by a massive broad spectrum propaganda campaign that an innocent passenger liner had been sunk by ‘in-human’ ‘war criminals’. The old ‘Hun’ was back to his evil ways of cutting off the hands of children, nailing people to crosses, and raping and murdering and looting its way across Europe once more. It was a huge propaganda stunt. A huge ‘dis-info war’ victory. It gave the U.S declaration of war the gloss of ‘legality’ and ‘morality’. It gave the U.S leaders some superficially nominal ‘Constitutional’ ground for the declaration of war as ‘self-defence’. It gave the ‘hawks’ a way to superficially ‘dress up’ their lust for violence and war profiteering in the ‘cloak’ of patriotism, nobility, and morality.

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