Recent History’s Timeline


You can bet it started far before your Grandparents got Conned!

Ohh, and it did.  How far back in History do you need to go?  Diseases the result of Sins?  Plagues being “Gods Wrath”? ←(don’t laugh, some still believe this)  The British have Tails?

  • The 2nd Amendment put in place to protect Gun Ownership
  • Federal Taxing  a “Short Term Sacrifice” for the War effort
  • The Scofield Bible and its Zionist Promotions for Israel

You can just “dip your toe” into History to be covered in Fraud and you need not go back that far.  It’s going on today.  Iran and their Nuclear Arms Program.  Ghadaffi the Dictator. Assad using Chemical Weapons on his own people.  ISIS started and funded by “Radical Muslims” financed from stolen Oil Money and having Toyota Trucks drop from the sky from Allah.

With any faith in Humanity…

My Millenials Will Take You Zionists Down!



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