Yes I am that guy!

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Bonnie Prince Charlie?

Yes.  The ones who sat on the Throne of Scotland, and England at the same time?  The only ones?  Yes.  Yes, that is us.  The Stewarts.  It is me.  Yes, I am that guy.

However, I will not be your King and I will not be your Leader!

I will be your Mentor and nothing more.  As you all have it inside of yourselves.  You know the difference between right and wrong.  You know what to do.  I do not need to tell you.  Still, I will knaw at you and bug the HELL out of you.  I will drive you NUTS!

If it is Negative it is Wrong and if it is Positive it is right!

I know you deal with this every day.  I know there is negativity surrounding you everywhere you go.  Yet you are going to be BETTER than that!  You are going to evolve.

Your Government is Corrupt!

Ya think?  Did I need to tell you?  Are you going to be a “Meaningful Specific” or a follower affected by the negativity?  Well?  Only YOU can answer that question.

All I ask is that you:

Do the right thing!



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