Who do YOU support Politically?

Zionism is NOT a Race.  It is NOT a Religion. So???

You have:

Why you even have “Christian Zionist” leaders and Christian Leaders. But…

You have no Anti-Zionist Parties?  How can that be?  Quit equating Zionism with Jewish as Zionism is not dedicated only to Jews, as you can even be in The National Religious Party which claims to be the standard bearer of religious Zionism was initially moderate. It strove for cooperation with secular Zionists. Beginning in the 1970s it became increasingly open to radical right-wing ideologies and the idea of a “halachic state.” In 1974 members of the NRP formed the Gush Emunim movement, which believes in “Greater Israel” ideology.

Don’t you find it strange?  Something not right here?

Until you can answer that question with any credibility in your answer, I would have to say that your entire Political System is corrupt.  Is it time for a Revolution?  A …

21st Century Magna Carta?