Zionist Propaganda USA Promoted

Compare this well-documented single engine press mosquito to a corporate newscaster from CNN where fact-checking is often entirely absent, as the news is served as it is delivered by media affiliates and special interest groups – through an uneducated mouthpiece or an establishment associate.

Are your only sources “Zionist Agenda News”?

Mind you, a free press is consistently free to ignore the truth. Free markets do not guarantee a balanced flow of relevant information via our main channels since the public is the product. Our corporate media have parroted the War party (Neocons) and are co-owned by military-industrial interests, so the Iraq war was allowed to unfold according to regretful WashPo and CBS journalists (2004). And that apparently, is not a thing of the past – on the contrary.

Bartlett’s on-site reports have countered a mainstream media narrative that has been leaning heavily on myth and wishful assumptions. Her determination to go off-limits to get facts and her measured, nuanced choice of words seem to reveal a passion for truth. What is Credible or not Credible was explained by Bartlett herself quite well, when she scored a mainstream colleague for:

‘’Building conclusions on allegations citing dubious and unknown sources, time and again.” “..One, two times maybe, but every time? Not Credible.”

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