Hey, I am not a Saturday complainer


Some things are a little strange though…

The USA is usually the highest as per visitors and Canada #2 but Ukraine keeps making showings in the “Mass Numbers”, it is beyond me.  Overall the UK comes in 3rd or 4th but I really would like more people in Germany coming and sharing.

I have had more visits, and even in other formats of previous “Hollow-Hoax” sites which have been shut down by Zionists, not wanting this kind of information to get out, and this is why I bought the name hollowhoax.com and decided to pay to host the site myself, to prevent the suppression, but here it is, early afternoon, and I have more views on a Saturday, than I have in most full days of the week!

This does not even account for it all either, as I know that many bloggers are simply copying my stuff here and sharing it from their own medium (and in case you are wondering) which is GREAT and I am not looking for fame or fortune here.  Just working for the sake of humanity… so if you are doing that…

Good Show!

I usually leave you with a video link or a link to other documentation, so here is a video I downloaded that the Zionists are trying to suppress.  So please download a copy for yourself to replace on YouTube when it is gone:

Gotta get past the disclaimer to watch

If you can’t view it, change your IP to Canada with this VPN




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