3 Minute Zionist Holocaust Video taken apart, piece by piece:

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Can I take apart this video for you?

Yes, there are a bunch of Countries that have laws against Holocaust Denial. Can you think of another subject that it is against the law to deny or discuss? Even a similar one? What if I ran around saying: “The Bolsheviks never killed 10’s of Millions of mostly Christians before WWII, and the Bolsheviks, in fact, were NOT Zionists”? Now that would be a lie, as some estimates are in the 66 Million range as murdered, and Bolshevik leadership is well documented as being Zionist Based.

However, would I or anyone else be jailed in ANY Country for making that claim? Why not? If it is ok to do it over Holocaust Fables, why not over the Bolshevik Revolution? Let’s go on:

  • Nearly all Historians, Survivors and Ex-Nazi’s confirm that various people, 6 million were murdered in Concentration Camps by Gas Chambers.

Yet none have ever been found as per Gas Chambers to date.  Did they “miraculously disappear”? Since you are throwing people in Jail for denial, what do you think an “Ex-Nazi” would say?  The ones at Nuremberg made outrageous claims (easily disproven) as they were tortured into giving confessions! There also is no accounting for this 6 Million figure. Not only has the figure been lessened numerous times (which this video is not reporting) but the ORIGINAL claim came from a Guy who said another Guy said it (who was on the run) and when this “other Guy” was caught up with and put on trial, he stated that he never said such a thing! So? What else you got? Survivors who walked around with calculators counting dead bodies? Ohh, sorry no calculators back then. Well, maybe each of the survivors took meticulous records which all match then? If so… “Show them”!

  • Denial is a “direct form” of Anti-Semitism?

I don’t know how “Direct” I have to make it, but Semitic is a Language. Grab your Dictionary and “fact check” me! It is not a race or religion. So how could Anti-Language have anything to do with this debate. Is it the case instead that you are trying to equate race, religion, or both into a word which people might not understand, and so they do not dispute it? Just admonish it?

  • Revisionists admit there was “Systematic Mass Murder by the Nazi’s”?

Not in camps they don’t. Your whole premise is supposed to be that they killed 6 million in Gas Chambers which do not exist in “Nazi Prison Camps”. Is that NOT your claim?

Yes as the Germans invaded parts of Russia, they did what any Army does. They either take prisoners (if they have the means, which sometimes they do not) or kill the people they have to leave behind their ranks, who may not be armed anymore, but are a serious threat to their advancement. Yet this is not “Planned Genocide” as claimed, and it is NOT in Camps.

  • There is no written order to exterminate Jews, but there are references in the Wannsee Conference to the “Final Solution”, testimony from the Nuremberg Trials, and even passages in Mein Kampf.

Correct there is no written order, as it never was a plan. What WAS a plan was the “Final Solution” which had nothing to do with Genocide, but in fact “deportation”. There were more than one of these plans, but they were put off until the end of the War, with the exception of the “Transfer Agreement” which allowed the Zionists free transport to Palestine. That WAS accomplished. Yet the Final Solution could not be accomplished until ALL the undesirables were deported from Germany.

As per Mein Kamph, this book was written well before the war and insignificant for not only that reason. Hitler was not in power, and he did not have TOTAL control over National Socialism at any time. He was merely a spokesman. Yet even if it was relevant, there is nothing in there but “wild allusions” to planned Genocide. Himmler was NOT in charge.

  • The revisionists point to Red Cross Records stating under 300,000 died in camps, yet in the 1970’s the Red Cross disputed these claims.

Yes, they did. Funny how you never mention what they disputed, isn’t it? Nor do you speak of anything they released later. The Red Cross has no figures that come anywhere close to your 6 Million claims at all #1 (no matter your dispute) and they also do not make the claim that these were healthy people who died in Gas Chambers. Many died of disease as Typhus had a major outbreak during the War and thousands (not millions) died in camps because of it. German records for Camps like Auschwitz document a total of 117 Jews executed in that Camp during the entire War!

  • An offer of $50,000.00 was offered by Revisionists for any proof of Gas Chambers, a claim was made by a Survivor, and in a Court of Law, he won.

The Judge ruled it was a fact. So that is it. No evidence other than the hearsay, and that is proof the Gas Chambers existed eh? Can I say Pfft?

  • David Irving claims a Jewish Agenda, along with Neo-Nazi groups?

David Irving is right, and the Agenda is documented with the Balfour Declaration, the outcome of WWI, the Worldwide Boycott of German Goods by Zionists, along with the Versailles Treaty, the control of the Rothschild Banks, Media etc, etc, etc. Yet equating David Irving with Neo-Nazi’s is pushing the envelope. They might like his talks, and he might be willing to give a talk for them, but that does not mean that he has joined their ranks. This is merely HATE propaganda. David Irving has outdone EVERY other Historian at uncovering facts that they could not find concerning WWII, and he is the most Popular and Most Sold (in books) Historian of WWII History.

There you have it. That’s it. Their entire video was taken apart and slammed for what it is worth.

Here is the video



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