How Sports are used to Hoodwink


Sports have been used for Centuries to distract

They are also used as promotion for War in many ways:

  • Strength and the “Bigger or Tougher is Better”
  • Nationalism.  My Team (made up of my Countrymen) is better than Your Team (made up of your Countrymen)
  • Promotes “Group Think” and “Group Identification”

Sports as a marketing propaganda platform

Browse any of the professional sports websites and notice the bombardment of U.S. Armed Forces advertisements as they lure you in to join the military. You will be a hero, the ad assures, joining and signing up is portrayed as a mark of wisdom, decisiveness, integrity, and true leadership. You want to travel and be a “Global force for good”? Then join the U.S. Navy because the U.S. Navy is apparently in charge of the globe. Why bother living a normal boring (or “civilian”) life when you can travel, have a full-time job, save money and learn leadership? They portray a heroic courageous warrior, not someone who will be asked to fight in illegal and immoral wars, disrupt lives, break apart families, disable, and murder others. From coast to coast this constant lying to the sports viewers and luring them into joining the military is one of many messages targeted at sports fans using clever and thought-out marketing propaganda tactics, and public relations campaigns.

You might say, it’s just marketing, right? Professional sports are targeting a market for their product; just like any other organization, they are recruiting and paying for advertisement space, right? So what is the big deal here?

Sports to control the masses

Why hasn’t America reached critical mass awakening? Consider that tens of millions of American sports fans are subjected to the daily influences of the powerful American sports programming. This system which covers scheduled cycles of physical competitions between athletes is a powerful hypnotic tool. Studies and observations on human behavior show that humans respond to a repetitive stimulus by adapting in many ways. This is known by many as the Repetition Principle of learning. Repetition is associated with, among other things, familiarity and thus comfort, mental adjustment, and orientation and coping.

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed”.

It really does not matter the original Author.  It is used constantly!Especially in Mainstream Media.  So often you will hear people on CNN and other Zionist Owned Networks saying things as a pre-amble to justify their next lie, but it is not only a lie but said specifically for the purpose to make you believe it is “Common Knowledge” and therefore credible.  Like:

  • Of course, we are glad that Madmen like Ghadaffi are no longer around, but…
  • We all are better off without a Saddam running Iraq, but…
  • We all are aware of Hitler being a Madman, but…
  • We ended Tyranny during WWII, but…

Each time they make this claim as a preface, they are not doing it simply to make a point.  Their point is usually irrelevant to the preface.  It is simply “constant repetition of a false claim” and in that way, they can attempt to validate the fraud.  Just as they do today with 911.  They have shortened it, after constant repetition, of “We were attacked by Muslims on 911” to “We were attacked on 911” to now, just the simple statement of “Like 911” is enough to allow the hoodwinked masses to understand.  Constant repetition until the repetition itself may be shortened and accepted as a matter of FACT when none of this is true, and simply a “hoodwink”.  They have done this with “The Holocaust” and “Gas Chambers” too, even though there is no accounting whatsoever for this claimed 6 Million and no evidence whatsoever for Gas Chambers in (another label they framed) Nazi Prison (or Labor) Camps.

Regarding repetition Aristotle once said “it is frequent repetition that produces a natural tendency”.

Why the concern over the typical sports fan’s repeated exposure to planned stimuli? Because participants are constantly subjected to pro-government reinforced propaganda. These themes and memes are always on cue, nicely synchronized, and always endorse or reinforce whatever beliefs the establishment government wants you to believe.

I’m reminded that May 1, 2011, Bin Laden death hoax press release was first announced to ESPN watchers during a Sunday Night Major League Baseball game. The sports platform served as a convenient tool to legitimize the message they wanted to put out.

In this daily, repetitive, cyclic, and hypnotic platform of sports, other more subtle values and lessons are reinforced by the entire system. No one dares speak out against the system, no one dares to express any criticism about the government for fear of backlash.

Every day we hear about an athlete being punished for something; either arrested, accused, murdered, sentenced, shot, suspended, fined, and ejected. The incidences of player punishments and the media coverage of these stories have been escalating in all the major sports for years. Some say it is good to see that players are not above the law, but it’s as much or more about making an example of these athletes as it is the quest for justice.

The objective appears to be about punishing players so the millions of young Americans see this and become more and more obedient (and fearful of government/authorities).

The message to fans is that this is what happens to people who don’t obey. 1984 enough for ya? Players are also discouraged from speaking out against the control system, their private lives are now everyone’s business, and players must watch what comments they express on social media sites for fear of mass media criticism, suspensions, fines, and accusation of misconduct. These all serve as tools to condition the masses to obey.

Sports fans are likely to own and watch a significant amount of TV – in many cases including other TV programs – which are almost all designed to indoctrinate the way you think. Because they physically own and watch so much TV, many sports fans are positioned to digest the ideologies and marketing campaign schemes that are targeted at them. Wouldn’t you warn someone about standing in front of a target if you knew that the target was about to be used by nearby shooters? Likewise, sports fans, without realizing it, have unintentionally positioned themselves in the line of fire of the most expensive and sophisticated government propaganda campaigns ever, including the war on terror and the need to give up all your rights in order to benefit from government safety.

Unsuspected well-meaning sports fans don’t realize the degree to which their view of the world is influenced by the sports culture and the messages that sponsor those sporting events. They are unaware of the degree to which sports is serving a two-fold purpose for the emerging global government. One purpose is to make a profit and the other is to provide entertainment to keep the patron coming back for more and thus continuously distract them from the real issues.  In Rome, with constant wars causing a strain on taxpayers and revolt, Sports was used and the Coliseum built to enable this distraction, and it WORKED!  So well in fact, that Governments since have never lost sight in its power to influence, to motivate, to enrage, and to foster “Group Think”.

Sports and the false morality

Sports teaches well, that competition is good, and winning is the only thing that matters. There is no right or wrong.  The winner is ALWAYS right and the loser ALWAYS wrong!  Every time, in every place and in every circumstance. Sports teaches self-denial and that team is more important than self in order to coordinate the defeat of another team. Yes, sports values are similar to military values. Sports has become another form of military training. Values are placed not in what is wrong or right, but on obeying a set of rules just as in military boot camp. This is all part of the sports false morality.

As mentioned above, sports fans watch their favorite players do as they are told, they don’t challenge authority or criticize the system in the same way that soldiers are taught not to complain.  Never stand up against the crowd.  Even if you do not agree, stay silent rather than make a fuss. The system equates obedience with being respectful, honorable, and responsible. This gets fed right down to family life, where Children are told NOT to question.  To obey.  Mommy and Daddy always know best!  Even when the child disagrees.  It is inbred into youth, and something you are familiar with. Someone who speaks out is disrespectful, a smart ass, immature, or perhaps a lunatic or a criminal.

Sports talk shows are powerful reinforcement platforms of government narratives and not about truth. Owned by the same corporate giants who own most of the media, sports talk shows have long been known for censoring truth from the communication airwaves. Try calling into a major sports network with real questions about freedom, tyranny, sports, and the global government agenda and see how far you get; you will be “off topic” and easily cut off.

Sports, hypnosis and social engineering

What we see is a carefully coordinated mass mind manipulation of sports fans that include the systematic, scheduled delivery of entertainment, distraction from real news, rechanneling of young male bravado, energy, and passion, and a scheduled feeding of government propaganda all so deeply embedded into the minds of sports fans that most of them don’t realize the how much they are being manipulated. They don’t realize the role sports has played in the social engineering of America.

Think of the Boston Red Sox honoring the victims of the Boston bombing and pushing the ‘Boston Strong’ marketing campaign to keep the false flag event in everyone’s mind and push the globalist agenda further. Was the Red Sox organization willing to lend a voice to those who doubted the official government version of the event or to lend a voice to those outraged by the unconstitutional ‘lock down’?

How about the post-9/11 ceremonies that paralyzed the sports world in a whirlwind of emotional displays which went on for weeks. Will we ever really know how these 9/11 ceremonies triggered the anger and imagination of our youth into wanting to enlist in the military and wanting to kill Muslims for America? When there is far more evidence that the Zionists and the Mossad were behind this?

Consider the social engineering that took place in both cases, without actually saying it; the sports leagues cement the lies by not allowing critics to have a voice, giving the perception that critics are not welcomed, not appreciated, and are not entitled to a voice. In this manner, the sports platforms act as ceremonies for socially cementing the lies told by government and media.

As the global government plans move forward and Americans wake up to the reality that America is hijacked by thugs who hate the Constitution and freedom, sports remain in the way of consciousness making it nearly impossible for tens of millions of young men and women to think on their own for a moment, look around and see the crumbling nation that was once America the free.

They continue to believe we are free because they hear the playing of the national anthem before every game and the PA announcer says we’re free. They accept their slavery at the hands of DHS because they hear the repeated voice coming from the PA system saying “See something say something”. They are encouraged that it’s okay to report your neighbor or a stranger to Big Brother for almost any reason that might seem even remotely suspicious. They won’t take a minute to think on their own, because after burning all their energy rooting for their favorite team or player there is hardly ever any time, energy, desire, or resources left to act upon any other cause like standing for freedom or the restoration of your country and the Constitution. No way.

The question (of defending freedom, liberty, and the American Way) is extremely difficult to concentrate on. With so many neurological sensory patterns competing for the sports fan’s mind, it is not easy to choose a paradigm that goes against all the stimulus patterns you the sports fan have been exposed to for so long.

Knowing that taking a stand for freedom will make you stand out and will put you in a position of perceived unpopularity with your peers, your favorite team, your favorite player or the perceived opinion of the general masses makes your decision to stay uninvolved that much easier. The thought of enjoying the next game and being consumed in the rush that accompanies each game is more than enough for the typical sports fan to allow themselves to become a passive observer in this fight for truth, and consciousness. And just like that, the sports hypnotic spell goes on consuming all of the energy of our generation.

Will this cycle be broken? Will sports fans take a stand and realize that our team (of Constitution, liberty, freedom and America lovers) needs help spreading the message of freedom in America to defeat the agenda of the other team of people committed to the global government and the destruction of America, the Constitution, and freedom?

If not, then what will it take for sports fans to wake up? This is a concerning question in a country where many sports fans are fanatically addicted to the cycles of competition in the same way addicts are addicted to gambling and alcohol. Sports in itself has few redeeming benefits, except maybe the exercise of the players.  For the spectator, it is purely mesmerization which is easily manipulated into an agenda, and not just for the single viewer, but for the masses in a “Group Think Mentality”.

Are you a sports fan who understands what is happening and are awakened to our fight for freedom, liberty and the American or Canadian or English or Whatever Way? Help spread this information and hopefully together we can all help break through the sports hypnosis that is stalling one of the great human awakenings of all time and that has a stranglehold on the heart and inner strength of the entire World. Breaking through the sports hypnosis will hopefully fuel the passion for freedom in the hearts and minds of our youth including all of our star athletes around the country who have a lot to offer our country far beyond the endorsing of products to their fans. Once free, you may be more adapted to starting or participating in or fueling a needed revolution. If you agree please share this article with sports fans and athletes alike.



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