Religion and the Holocaust

Religion of the Holocaust

Only Adults Could Possibly Develop This Disease.

Now sure, I am lumping a bunch of beliefs under ONE in “Fairy Belief”, as it could be God or Jesus or Allah or Mother Mary or a host of others.  Yet until the legend of the “Said Holocaust”, you could certainly put them all under the category of “Religious Beliefs”.

Although believed, there never was any basis for any of them.  Whether it be Horus or Zeus, Moses or Abraham.  It was all stories (sometimes written down) but promoted by “word of mouth” mainly in the past, as a vast majority of humanity was illiterate.

Being Illiterate means far more than being forced to believe “as you are told”.  You simply cannot research if you wanted to.  As a matter of fact, if talking about religion, you were forced to go to the “Promoters of the Faith” in order to do any research whatsoever.  You know, or should know, that this is not where you will find objectivity.


Children will not be so “closed minded” will they?

Yet even though they are bound to believe anything you tell them, and it is so obvious that you like to do “Cute Things” with them to prove that, like promoting Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy, there is a time when you release them from that “little game” you were playing with them.  Cute time became over.  Time to wake up to reality.  For them, but not especially for you.  You still believe in things taught to you without any evidence to back it up.

No matter how much people scream that people like Jesus walked the face of this Earth and that there is “Historical Proof” to back that up, just as with the Holocaust, this is a lie.  Just saying it does not make it so.  When it comes to Jesus, you simply need to research a little, and I even designed a playlist filled with 10-minute clips to “spoon feed” you out of this false belief:


Entertaining and informative Playlist “Click Here”

Yet when it comes to the Holocaust, you are required

By law in many Countries to believe, and not speak out against it.  They would not even do this with Religion (although in the past they tried) and today you can speak up about the truths or the falsehoods of Religion at will.  Why?  It always was not that way, was it?  In some Countries, even today it is punishable by death.  Yet those places are thought of as “radical” and out of touch.  Backward, and oppressive.  Hated by most other humans in the World for forcing people to believe, or to follow “Religious Rules”.

Even in some Western Countries, we still see the remnants of it.  Where you go to Court and swear an Oath on the Bible.  As laughable as that should be, and holding no real weight at all, as per “truth-telling” or honesty, it still is practiced.  We, as humans, have not fully escaped that yet.  However, if humanity survives…


We Will!


As this “legislation” of belief without evidence is an affront to Humanity in General, just simply because it is legislated.  If you have no real evidence for it, it cannot and should not be justifiably forced on you, as an adherence to being lawful.  It is a “belief system” and people (humans) should have the ability and opportunity to take on their own beliefs.  Unless of course, you can show evidence proving it no longer a belief but a fact.

How did the Holocaust fall into this Category?

the holocaust

As Humanity climbed out of “Forced Belief In Religion”

Somehow we were forced now to accept “without question” an event in Human Life which is clearly documented, as to be a story of something we have:

No Evidence For Whatsoever!

When I say “Said Holocaust”, I mean “Said”, as first of all, before we can even analyze anything about this event, we have to decide which one we are speaking of.  After all, there have been:

140 Occurrences Of The Word Holocaust

That in itself should tell you that your “One Said Holocaust” is a Fraud.  Either they ALL had validity, or NONE of them have.  This is an obvious example of “Crying Wolf”.

Yet in the “Said Holocaust,” the term seems to wish to encompass so much fraud, in hopes that ONE will be believed, in order to keep promoting this “Religion of Holocaust”.

  • 6 Million Jews Killed in Camps
  • Shrunken Heads
  • Jews made into Lampshades
  • Jews made into Soap
  • Homicidal Gas Vans
  • Homicidal Gas Chambers
  • Electrified Killing Rooms
  • Burying of bodies to be dug up later and cremated
  • Cremation of outrageous numbers

And to top it off, a figurehead to actually HATE!


The Most Popular Leader Mankind Has Ever Produced

Becomes the most Evil Man in Recorded History?  Now how does that happen?  Isn’t there (in your mind) good reason to question this, which is “Against The Law” to question?  As an Adult, isn’t it time that you “release yourself” from the “Not So Cute Fantasy” you have been taught, and do a little investigating?

You may wish to start here



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