Zionism and 911

Zionism and 911

Until the Internet, you needed to be “Tipped Off” to read or listen to Audio Recordings

Many of which, hold many truths, documentation, and examples which are fairly easy to search for IF (as Noam Chomsky says) you know what you are looking for.  Many of them negate information on Zionism or push the “string masters pulling the puppet strings”  as Jews.  Many of the things I produce have those things in common, and I must caution you to negate the reference to or lack of reference to the Zionists as being Jews, as this simply is not the case.  Although many “Sects of Jews” exist, I would like to “touch on” this reference to religion, or lack of it, just a little.

Real Zionists care little of Religion, as it is merely a tool

This is where many of the videos and documentation point to, not so much for the promotion of Judaism, but more often the promotion of Christianity.  I sincerely think this mention leads you astray.  It is a Zionist Tool to use one religion against another or to claim their own justification for the State of Israel (their kingdom to rule the World from) and side with Christian sympathies.  Yet it is irrelevant.  It simply is just another hoodwink that THEY created with their promotion of their own Scofield Bible

Religion does not, or should not play a part in any of this.  Yet the Zionists use it as well to shame Christians not only with they’re hoodwinking of their own made up promotion in a Bible but also by calling anyone who is critical of them “Anti-Semitic”.  This is merely another hoodwink!

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Should you understand that the Scofield Bible is PURE FRAUD as it is, sympathetic Christians should be hard to come by.  Especially if you also understand that Zionists (by the vast majority) are NOT blood Jews.  They are not the original Israelites.  I have other blogs on this site with far more evidence of that, but for here I can just sum it up with 30 seconds from Yale University

Therefore I caution you to negate references to religion

As it is not relevant.  Much of the information I provide comes from “Believers” of many faiths, and even today, over 50% of North Americans still believe in a God.  I hope that changes.  Yet Atheism has nothing to do with the topic.  It does have something to do with “hoodwinking on another topic”, but it should have nothing to do with this one.

What we are talking about here is “Humans With An Agenda”, and in this case, it is Zionists (which is a Political Movement and not a Race or Religion) and their desires of World Control.

This is a long preface to this introduction, but I think it important to mention, for the sake of anything you might take from this site in evidence.  References to religion are irrelevant.

Christopher Bollyn: “Waking people Up To The Massive Lie of 9/11 Is More Important Than Ever.”



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