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Over the past decade, pollsters charted something remarkable: Americans—long known for their piety—were fleeing organized religion in increasing numbers. The vast majority still believed in God mistakenly. But the share that rejected any religious affiliation was growing fast, rising from 6 percent in 1992 to 22 percent in 2014. Among Millennials, the figure was 35 percent.

This lies as a basis in why it has been so easy to hoodwink our Forefathers.  Originally it was all “close-knit” indoctrination.  You grew up in a family, and they told you what to believe.  They repeated it enough times until you too believed it.  Nothing was written down.  Not until:

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Scientists have discovered the earliest known Hebrew writing — an inscription dating from the 10th century B.C., during the period of King David’s reign.

The breakthrough could mean that portions of the Bible were written centuries earlier than previously thought. (The Bible’s Old Testament is thought to have been first written down in an ancient form of Hebrew.)

Until now, many scholars have held that the Hebrew Bible originated in the 6th century B.C. because Hebrew writing was thought to stretch back no further. But the newly deciphered Hebrew text is about four centuries older.

Humanists reject the claim that the Bible is the word of God. They are convinced the book was written solely by humans in an ignorant, superstitious, and cruel age. They believe that because the writers of the Bible lived in an unenlightened era, the book contains many errors and harmful teachings.

Humanists receive much criticism due to their position on the Bible. Some critics even accuse them of being evil. I might be one of those.  As again, it deals with the Elite who (at the time) were the only ones who could afford to be educated, period.

The Elite have always had a lot of time on their hands, as they always have, and it seems as if the most “Fun Thing To Do” is to devise and promote something that the masses will catch on to and run with.  They feel satisfaction when their “newest promotion of hoodwinking” catches on enough, that the “little people” adopt it and promote their pure bullshit for them.


When the Zionists tried, they always failed


140 Occurrences Of The Word Holocaust


They had put a lot of work into pushing Zionism, and their need for this new State of Israel, along with how they were Jews (which they had little blood ties to) and not only that, they spoke for ALL Jews (which they in no way did) and that THEY were the victims (themselves) of this “So-Called Holocaust”,  even though their most recent promotion did not really involve Zionists at all.  No, now their promotion was about their “poor brethren” the Jews who were not Zionists and did not wish to be Zionists and join them in Palestine after:

In 1933, the worldwide Jewish community began a protest versus the antisemitic (which we should know by now is a language, rather than a race or a religion, making the term moot as per its reference to Jews or Zionists) Nazis who had just come to power by organizing a huge and successful boycott versus German goods. This action inflicted severe damage on the German economy and threatened to create so much chaos that the Hitler government was expected by many to fall before winter.

However, a group of Zionist leaders (but far from all Zionists) undermined the boycott in order to carry out a Transfer Agreement with the Nazis that allowed some Zionist Germans to emigrate to Palestine with most of their wealth. Working against the boycott was part of that deal. The motivations of these Zionists varied from a fervent desire to bolster Palestine’s chances to survive to personal financial gain. The motivations of the Nazis were clear. They wanted the Zionist Control out of Germany.  Terrified by the prospects of the boycott to destroy the German economy, they made a deal with the Zionists.

In addition to the economic impact of the boycott, it served as a focal point of moral outrage against the Nazis that evoked worldwide sympathy among Jews and Christians alike. Had it continued, that moral outrage might have become even more important than the economic devastation it caused the Nazis?

Rabbi Stephen Wise, the most important American Jewish leader of the time, spoke for the boycott but in the end, failed to support it. Wise’s motivations were never clear since he worked hard to keep his actions hidden, (as Zionists do) but the reading of Black’s detailed presentation is that Wise was far more interested in his personal power and prestige than he was in bringing down Hitler. Wise said he supported the boycott but when the moment came, he did not; it is this duplicity which I find far more disgusting than his decision.

Without Wise’s support, the boycott failed, the western countries (US, Britain & France) failed to effectively oppose Hitler. While nobody in 1933  the result was that 60,000 Zionist Germans got to Palestine via the Transfer Agreement.

The Zionists then began to “turn the screws” on the remaining Jews who refused to accompany them and become Zionists themselves. Claims that Hitler was a Zionist, or supported Zionism before his anti-Jewish policies turned into murder and extermination flare up at regular intervals yet a Zionist pushed fraud just the same.  They usually cite the controversial Haavara Agreement (Transfer Agreement) of August 1933 as the most potent evidence of a wilful cooperation between Hitler and the Zionist movement. When viewed in a certain way, this deal does superficially seem to show that Hitler’s government endorsed Zionism – but just because it was a mechanism to help German Jews relocate to Palestine it does not imply it was “Zionist”.

The Haavara Agreement was the only formal contract signed between Nazi Germany and a Zionist organization. The signatories were the Reich Ministry of Economics, the Zionistische Vereinigung für Deutschland (Zionist Federation of Germany) and the Anglo-Palestine Bank (then under the directive of the Jewish Agency for Palestine).

Under the agreement, Zionist emigrants had to hand over their possessions before they left Germany, and the proceeds were used by a company specifically set up for this purpose in Tel Aviv to purchase German goods for sale in Palestine. The proceeds of these sales were then paid in Palestinian currency to the emigrants in Palestine.

The agreement was immediately criticised from all sides. The Zionist Federation was accused of collaboration with the Nazis, and the National Socialist authorities were criticised by fellow National Socialists for helping Jews when their official policy was to “solve the Jewish question”. Still, at this point in time, both sides no doubt saw potential benefits for themselves in such an agreement.

For the Zionist Federation, it was a way to save Zionists from the claws of an increasingly hostile regime and attract Jews to “convert to Zionism” & move to Palestine, while for the National Socialist state signing an international agreement was further proof of its legitimacy, broke the Jewish movement of boycotting German goods, and helped the recovery of German exports at a time when the German economy was still in the depth of depression.

The Haavara Agreement is the first example of a Nazi programme of organized Jewish relocation. Other and more radical examples include the mass expulsion of Polish and stateless Jews from Germany to Poland in October 1938, and the so-called Madagascar Plan, the attempt to relocate the Zionist population to the island of Madagascar, then a French colony. The latter plan became unfeasible when Germany was unable to defeat Great Britain in 1940.

But it is crucial to remember that at the same time as these and other forced relocation plans were discussed, Jews were being increasingly marginalized and disenfranchised in Nazi Germany. They were expelled from German civil service and from the professions, their shops and businesses were boycotted and their German citizenship was taken away. Step by step, they were excluded from German political, economic, legal, social and cultural life.  The National Socialists were certainly into this Zionist Plan to force conversion to Zionism and relocation of the remaining Non-Zionist Jews.

And in the aftermath of the “night of broken glass” pogrom of November 9, 1938, widely known as Kristallnacht, more and more Jews were deported to concentration camps.  Certainly, the 2 Regimes worked together to make this all happen.

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The establishment of the General Government in central Poland in October 1939, the Nazis were not in the least concerned that the territories where they intended to “concentrate” Jews were in a position to help their populations sustain themselves. They were looking for dumping grounds for Jews and other “undesirables”. These people were at best treated as ‘assets’ to exploit in labor camps until there was a way to deport them.  The War and the prolongation of it made such relocation impossible until after the war.

Yet the Elite control the Media, keeping your Forefathers in the Dark on these facts.

Just as Churches (before the Bible came in mass “Printed Form”) could all have their own ways of interpreting the Bible, and suppressing facts which were in the text if it did not fit their Agenda.  This even carries on today where the flock of Churches recites the Lords Prayer, changing the words (clearly written the same way in both Mathew and Luke) from the clearly written debts to the confusing word of “trespasses”.

It seems that is all they really need to do (these elites) is to find something that works, and hide the REAL information, and then promote it until it catches on, to the final:

Common Knowledge Stage

Then people just believe.  Why?  Simply because everyone else believes it, and they never take the time to research.  There must be some proof for the stand right?  If everyone is saying the same thing, it MUST have credibility right?

That is precisely the plan that worked when the Zionists infiltrated the Churches with their:

Scofield Bible



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