What is NATO all about?

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I personally have no respect for NATO.

I call it the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization as it has done nothing BUT terrorism and to destroy regimes without just cause. It’s “Official Name” is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and it claims: NATO membership is open to “any other European state in a position to further the principles of this Treaty and to contribute to the security of the North Atlantic area.” NATO also has what it calls the Membership Action Plan. It helps aspiring members prepare for membership and meet key requirements by providing practical advice and targeted assistance.

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But what is it really?  Why was it formed?

This is all so simple to understand if you are given the information, but since Mainstream Media and the Schools wish to suppress the truth and to promote propaganda, you find little of the truth with them.  Here is the truth.

The Truth Is That Hitler Was Right

The Allies knew it too!  Russia (under Stalin) was a threat to all of Europe.  If it was not for Germany’s fight with Russia, Stalin’s plan would have come into reality.  Russia made a “Non-Aggression Pact” with Hitler as it was a “Chess Move” for him.  He was interested in World Domination and spreading the Communist System.

The Communist System has its roots in a Zionist Plan promoted by the Bolsheviks, and this is something that Hitler was quite aware of.  Hitlers constant Peace Treaties offered to Britain were totally aimed at the “Russian Threat”, and his constant reasoning with Britain that “Stalin’s Plan” was to have the Allies and the Axis Powers fight it out until they were both on their knees.  He constantly pointed out the mass deployment of Russian Tanks and Armaments all lined up at the borders of Europe, and Stalin’s plan to invade with overwhelming superiority when the European fight was over.  This was Hitler’s main fear.

In his Peace Treaties offered Britain and the Allies, he made it clear this threat and even offered far more than simple withdrawal from all German Gained Territory, but went incredibly further.  He would not even ask Britain to back Germany against the Russians and their threat of spreading Communism, but instead would PROTECT Britain alone.  Germany would (in fact) do all the fighting against Stalin, and in return, Hitler’s only request was to end hostilities between Britain and Germany.

Churchill, who was totally financed by, and obligated to the Zionists who demanded the total destruction of Germany, refused all Hitlers Peace Proposals.  Undaunted, Hitler elected to single-handedly fight Stalin anyway, even if still at war with Britain, and soon the United States as well.

At first, the invasion of Russia met with success, but the Zionist influence and funding of Russian Armaments (mainly from the USA) finally made Germany hit a wall.  Germany could not, in fact, win the War against Russia with the Zionist influence of the Allies, and Germany inflicted heavy damage on Stalin but was forced to retreat.

None of what I just mentioned is mentioned in M.S.M.

It is all true, all well documented.  Historical fact.  It is not even denied.  It is just simply suppressed.  Patton, upon learning of the truth, exclaimed that we have fought the wrong enemy but the heavily Zionist Influenced Eisenhower was continuing with the Zionist plan of the total destruction of Germany, and not only is there more than good reason to suspect that under his orders, was Patton killed, but given the evidence, it seems that he could have only been MORE guilty, had he shot Patton himself!  Eisenhower wanted to Genocide so many Germans for the Zionist cause, that he, himself had to be held back by anyone on his side, and operating on a “sane level”.  Eisenhower used false propaganda to promote the Holocaust Myth, was responsible for Gas Chamber Stories, and the Rheinwiesenlager (Rhine meadow camps) were a group of 19 camps built in the Allied-occupied part of Germany by the U.S. Army to hold captured German soldiers at the close of the Second World War.  Although the plan was officially canceled, it was in fact implemented. Between 1945 and 1953 it is estimated between 9 to 15 million ethnic Germans were killed, mainly civilians.

Zionists (hating this) keep blocking videos and such showing evidence of this and here is an example

Yet this “Soviet Threat” was still real, ally or not.

So this is why NATO was formed.  It was formed by other Countries to make sure there was a “Strong Alliance” against Stalin, should Russia recoup, and continue on with the plan of spreading Communism and World Conquest after WWII.

For the most part, this was a “Propaganda Fear” and nothing but that.  Russia was basically on its knees after the “Ass Whooping” the Germans gave them after WWII, and even JFK admitted privately that he knew that Russia was no major threat.  However, the propaganda was great for the Military Industrial Complex, and of course the expansion of US power throughout the World.  The Zionists?  They now had superior influence in both the Allies and the Russians.  They became the “Puppetmasters” putting on the show for the Audience, as they now controlled BOTH sides of the show!

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, and long after the death of Stalin, NATO really had no other purpose to be.  Originally a real threat which Hitler took care of, but the Allies refuse to admit.  Later a Propaganda Ploy to promote the Military Industrial Complex, and after the Berlin Wall, only a tool of pure terrorism.

Don’t think what I am saying is true?  Well then, what part of the North Atlantic or Russia was Libya?  ← That was a NATO operation.  How about Afghanistan?  NATO again.  It basically is RUN by the USA, and that is why the USA pays the most for it.  The USA  holds the agenda of the UN, not just because of its monetary influence and creation of it, but also because the USA has taken the “front seat” in running its campaigns.

It should be disbanded.  It no longer has any real purpose (even if it had one in the first place) and today just does the bidding of the USA, but Donald Trump thinks it is not doing enough.  At least the Countries (part of it) are not paying their fair share. Well, when you are supposed to pay your fair share for a corrupt tool of terrorism, then…

No Shyt Sherlock!

Either way, basically ALL the promoters of NATO know nothing about it, why it was formed, and what it involves itself in, but instead buy into a “Propaganda Fantasy” or they are benefiting financially by NATO and the Military Industrial Complex, Terrorism and ultimately War.




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