Why do people hate Jews?


Campaign against Anti-Semitism?

First of all, you need to grab your dictionary and look up Semite. Semitic is a language and by adding “Anti” as a prefix, does not change Semitic from being a language. Being Anti-Dog means you do not like dogs. Being Anti-White means you do not like white people. Anti-Semitic therefore means you do not like the Semitic Language. This should be obvious, but it is used to confuse by Zionists, attempting to confuse the matter even more by stating the Jews are a race, which they are not. As per Religion, there are many sects of Judaism, and the NEWEST is Zionism. Judaism and its many other sects have lived for thousands of years before Zionism. When Zionism came to be, it was not accepted by over 90% of the Jewish People. Yet it was a sect that “Proclaimed Itself” as speaking for all of the Jewish People just the same. Many of the Jewish sects of past have been admonished throughout the World for the simplest of things, like a belief by Christians that Jews murdered Jesus. Yet this is today not much a factor, with many realizing that Jesus never existed, and there is little from the Bible which you can take literally. The rest who still believe heavily in the Garbage preached by Christianity is for the most part fine with the Jewish People. Only the most “radical” of them still have a hatred of them, based on this misinformed belief.

However, what has been real and constant from the Jewish Communities throughout history which makes the general population dislike them, to the point where they have been expelled over and over again from Countries is their use and promotion of “Usery” or “charging interest for money loaned”. It has been banned in most Countries of the World in some part of their history, as it is destructive, and ends up creating money from nothing. Enriching the Jewish People (who are often the lenders) and impoverishing the peoples in general. Making them slaves to the Jews.

Another issue is their manipulation and lies. Yet in this case, the Zionists (who are the newest formed) have taken up most of this practice. They have proclaimed, not only do they speak for ALL Jews (which they clearly do not) but they lay claim to Palestine, stating scripture as justification when there IS no such justification. The Torah allows for no State as a Promised Land until their people are good in the eyes of their Lord, and specifically AFTER their Messiah comes. As a matter of fact, well past that fact, the vast majority of Zionists are not “blood Jews” at all and the documentation (along with DNA) points out they are Ashkenazi and Khazar by blood. These people ADOPTED the Jewish Religion (in its new Zionist form) as a tool to promote their agenda. The Zionists are responsible for:

  • Communism
  • The Bolshevik Revolution murdering 10s of Millions (mostly Christians)
  • The Banking Cartel of the Rothschilds
  • The Scofield Bible and its hoodwinking of Christians to believe in their “Promised Land” being justifiable and part of (if not all of) Palestine, along with Islamophobia, all based on fraud.
  • The Balfour Declaration (and the WWI outcome destroying Germany)
  • The Economic War of “Judea Declares War on Germany” and their Jewish Boycott of German Goods after the rise to power of the National Socialists and Hitler
  • Their part of the “Transfer Agreement” from Germany to settle German Zionists in Palestine
  • The backing and control of Churchill forcing the start and continuation of WWII and the millions killed
  • The Lobbying Efforts and Success of getting the USA to enter both World Wars using False Flags and other deceptions.
  • The refusal to help Non-Zionist Jews in peril (like the German Labor Camps) unless they agreed to adopt Zionism and move to Palestine.
  • The manipulation of and the Control of Western Mass Media
  • The promotion of the “Holocaust” as it continues today with NO evidence for anything (of past) claimed
  • The Genocide of Palestinians and their acts of land grabs in Palestine against International Law
  • Sympathy money pushed for their “tales of fraud like the Holocaust” netting them over 13 Trillion Worldwide so far.
  • Their lobbying of the USA to fight Wars for them in the Middle East, making way for their “Greater Israel Project”.
  • Laws in over 20 Countries outlawing any denial of their “fantasy holocaust”.
  • The ultimate disarray caused by mass migration and conflicts lobbied for and promoted by Zionists

All this from a people who are not even REAL BLOOD JEWS. Claiming a right to land should not be a “given” because of ANY Religious Book or beliefs, but in the case of the Zionists, it is not their book, or their real belief, as Zionism is NOT a race or religion. It is a Political Philosophy.

The research is all here on Hollowhoax.  You can find many posts (including relevant links to evidence inside) in:



Even if Zionism has been ingrained into your psyche to the point where you have not or will not research all these things, simply 30 seconds from Yale should get you to think.


Israeli’s are NOT Israelites



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