Should the Internet be a Public Utility?


supposed to see

I would have to say YES.  Yet the Elite?

How can we wrestle control away from these jerks?  Well, perhaps we don’t have to.

How much does it cost them to keep you in the dark?

I find it amazing how hard they work, and I begin to wonder (at times) if they are not simply suppressing to make stuff more popular, as the common sense/cost to suppress ratio, does not quite work out.

Ohh, sure it has in the past. First, we start with the illiterate, and their need to go to a Church to get one of their Elite (or at least elite enough to have the education of being able to read) to tell them what is going on. Believing them.

What a catastrophe it was for the Printing Press to come out! Although still, most humans were illiterate, now those who were of other beliefs could take the Churches to task for their fantasy stories they had been spinning for years inside of their own Coygegrations, and people had “evaluation choices”.

This was not good, (at least for the suppressors) but at this point (just like with Trumpers) the people in their flock were still feeling a sense of loyalty. They at least had a hold on “that generation”.

The Elite quickly saw a key, and the biggest of those Elite was (of course and still are) the Zionists. The key was simple. Own all the Media, or at least as much as you could grab. After all, the illiterate were becoming less and less. Anyone (it was evident) would be able to read soon. The only way to control it was if you owned it.

That worked. For Centuries, and until recent days the Masses could be hoodwinked. Fed all kinds of garbage and they would believe it. It must have been laughable to the Elite just how much people would swallow.

  • The Holocaust
  • False Flags
  • Made up Enemies
  • Border Lines
  • Patriotism
  • Adoration of Kings, Queens, Presidents and other Oligarchs.

Then enter the Internet. Such a trying time. Taking so much time to download all the information. This is far worse for them to maintain control. They have to block sites and limit regions that information can be spread in, and then go deep inside the Social Networking Realm itself in order to block, delete, suspend and ban in order to maintain any sense of control.

One good way would be to take a “liked platform” (like Facebook) and promote it with CASH. Make it so popular that everyone would have it and use it, on their own, mistakingly thinking they were free. At least free from Mainstream Media and their hoodwinking.

Yet no, people are coming out. Maybe in dribs and drabs, some still watching Fox News and CNN for virtually all their input. Some feeling advanced as they have moved up a step to Facebook, but they are still being directed, even if they do not know it.

The cost involved in getting programs to track your usage and to have certain things shoved in your face certainly got to be extreme. All the people needed to find and suppress.

Those on MeWe understand this (at least most of us) and although it is fine to look at the other Mediums and still not be hoodwinked into them, humanity (to advance) needs to get fully away from their influence. Admonish the sheep singing the Oligarchs songs, and following the “Party Line”, as you just are not about to learn anything there.

As the Internet gives you the opportunity to learn as a human being, faster and better than ever before in Human History! Throw off the “coat of suppression” and make sure you spend as much time looking at what they “don’t want you to see” as what you know they do want you to see. Evaluate on your own what is right and what is wrong. Don’t ever fall into their trap of believing they are standing up for you, and not allowing suppression.

If there is money involved, Advertisers, Lobbyists, Stocks and Bonds, Corporations… you are not getting the truth. Watch what they have to say, but don’t fall for it.

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