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Pointing fingers is fruitless unless you get down to the base.

You can follow Trump, and it will lead you to the Mob.  You can follow the Mob and it will lead you to Zionists.  You can follow the Media and it will lead to the Control of it, and you can skim over the Jews, as you will be ultimately led to the Zionists.  You can follow the Wars and their “Said Reasoning”, and it will lead you to the Banks.  When you study the banks and the banking structure, it will lead to the Zionists.  You can follow Government Agendas and it will lead to lobbyists and lobby money.  If you follow the money, it will lead to again, many entities, which you can get all wrapped up into.  Yet it will lead eventually to the House of Rothschild, and once there, you will see clearly that it is the Zionists.  That is where the basis is.  You can spend years uncovering the crimes and the fraud on lower levels, but eventually, you will come back to the Zionists.

One of the Biggest Diversions is to Equate Jews with Zionists.

Not all Jews are Zionist.  Not all Zionists are Jews. “Shiny Things” will be thrown in your face to distract you.  This lies at the base.  The base can be found in one term:



Research here on hollowhoax will tell you that this word or term is a fraud.  It is used on purpose to confuse.  To make you think that it is a term depicting prejudice.  Yet prejudice needing to be of a “Race” or in a minor aspect “A Religion” does not equate to what the meaning of the word, as it is laid out in any dictionary.  Certainly, the dictionary itself will contradict itself, as looking up the term “Anti-Semitism” will show a description of Jews or Jewish.  This is a contradiction which is simply exposed when you research the word “Semite”.  A Semite or a Semitic Person is the description of a language, and not a race or religion, which the term “Anti-Semitic” alludes to.

Even in my research, from documentation and video’s I present you will find this term used.  The people using it, are either hoodwinked or ignoring this fact.  It cannot be ignored.  As it is the basis of Zionist Promotion.  If they can get you to take that “first step” into the belief that you may be in some way prejudiced in some way and be labeled as “Anti-Semitic”, then they can attempt to discredit anything you have to say.  The fact that most people use this term in normal discussion and recognize it as a “prejudicial term”, means that most people (if they feel justified for you being called that, as anything you have to say is negative towards “Jews”) will too be more apt to discredit all you present for evaluation.  It is a hoodwink, and it should be admonished.  Anyone accusing you of being “Anti-Semitic” should be taken to task, as to their knowledge of what a Semite is.

Donald Trump has a history with the Mob

Again, the Mob, if analyzed has its basis in money and money laundering and when you finally get to the bottom of the profiteers, it is again… guess who?  The Zionists.


10 Minutes from BBC on Donald Trump and the Mob

Will Donald Trump go down due to his dubious ties to the former Soviet Union? The president seems to be getting in deeper and deeper. Special prosecutor Robert Mueller, who is investigating if Trump colluded with Russia in order to win the elections, is also digging into Trump’s past as a businessman. In that past, one of Donald Trump’s business partners plays a crucial role, Felix Sater. A convicted felon who has ties with the Russian mafia. Last May, Zembla disclosed how an American real estate company, run by Sater, used Dutch mailbox companies within a network, which has been suspected of laundering money. Allegedly $1.5 million dollars had been diverted.


40 Minutes of The dubious friends of Donald Trump part 3

Yet do not take your eyes off Zionism

As this posts, the main focus should be the following video and a little run through History:


Understanding Jewish – Power 35 Minutes



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