If they attempt to hide it…

Internet education

They are not trying to protect YOU

Understand this.  If there is something they label as “Hate Speech” or “Prejudiced” then it deserves investigation.  As you move ahead in your learning process, you will uncover so many lies.  Lies that you once believed.  Things that were taught to you by your Elders, and by your Schools, and by your Media, and by your Government which seem to have one common thread.  They are:

  1. All in agreement with one another, which should be impossible
  2. Adamant that you should not even consider anything BUT what they say

That “common thread” should be obvious to you, as you uncover at least ONE thing about what they promote, which is proven to you (in your own mind) as a complete fraud.  If this is the case Grasshopper, what else which they promote in the same fashion is complete fraud too?

So often I see the “open-minded” come back in astoundment, as they exclaim:

Everything I was taught was a Lie!


Well, maybe not everything Grasshopper, but I can guarantee you that almost everything that was pushed by them in Media and by your Government and in your Schools, and certainly anything they try to call your “prejudiced about” if you do the simple investigation is most likely a fraud.  They do not want you to look, as the fraud will be exposed.

You see what is going on with the Holocaust?  Well if you do research as to before all of this, the advance of the Printing Press was much the same as the Internet.  They banned books!  They banned them and destroyed them, until the Zionists could gain control of the Publishers, and then censor what you could be allowed to learn about.  If it was too much of a big thing to censor, and they had to “throw in the towel” (as with much on the history of Adolf Hitler) they simply labeled anything but the ascribed Propaganda as “Hate Speech” or “Anti-Semitic” or a “Conspiracy Theory”.   You do not need these labels if the data is conclusive.  You only need it, if you are trying to prevent research into the matter.

They did this with Nikola Tesla too.  Tesla cared nothing for money, and simply put out his new discoveries, and inventions for Mankind, but if learned about by the population, people like JP Morgan risked profit from his system of control.  So what could he do?  He tried to take away Patents but was only limitedly successful.  He tried to stop some of the books, but in reality, it is hard to label “electronic data” as “Hate Speech”… so that was out.  What could he do?  Same as above.  Simply make Tesla out to be a Mad Scientist, and crazy.  When Tesla was asked by one of JP Morgans heavily controlled Newspapers if he ever got any transmissions of electrical energy from outer space, it was a trap that Tesla fell into.  When he replied “Yes He Had”… the paper immediately stated that:

Tesla has communications with Martians!

Yeah, Little Green Men!

The Zionists (who ran most of the Entertainment Industry and were behind the Superman Cartoons) started painting Tesla as a Mad Scientist too!


Superman: The Mad Scientist (1941) – Propaganda About Nikola Tesla

This is what Zionists do when they have no way to defeat the data.  They find something they can twist into something unreal, and play on it, like “Gas Chambers” to discredit the Germans (in the case of Tesla Mad Scientist) and demand support for themselves as victims (in the case of Tesla, promote the BETTER way of trusting your Energy Cartels) and this is how further hoodwinking is accomplished.


If you believe Propaganda without investigation…

At face value, then you are not intelligent.  Just because everyone else believes it without investigation as well, makes them “dumbed down” as well.  Jump out of this

hqdefault (5)

As I said, all the tools you need are right here on the Internet.  Don’t put up with the fact that something is hidden from your eyes.  There is obviously a good reason why it is.  So, then that needs to hoist a red flag in your mind, that what they are hiding from you needs to be investigated!  You (as a student for your own gain) need to learn what it is they are hiding.  It may be simple like using a VPN and changing your Internet Tracking Signal to another Country in order to see what they are trying to hide.   It may be that you need to look at the title of the video, or the preamble to the video or link and do a search yourself as to the topic which has been suppressed from your view.  Quite often, if you are able to figure out the right “keywords” to what is being hidden from you, you can find LOTS of documentation or other videos about that subject!  That should be a tip-off for you that should tell you to certainly investigate!  Do not be circumvented from doing the research because someone is trying to discredit it.  Search yourself and find out if the discrediting is justified or not.  One good way is to use Sourcewatch:


Type the Organization or the Presidents Name into that Search Engine and see who backs them.  See where the money is coming from.  See what else they promote or have promoted.  In this way, you will find out if it is “justified discrediting” or not.  Decide for yourself.

Never be SURE of “Common Knowledge”

Certainly without investigation.  As even though “everything” you have ever been taught maybe cannot be labeled as a lie, certainly, I would have to agree with most people who do investigate past promotions commonly believed without investigation as, yes…


100% Total Bullshit!



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