Welcome to the Enightenment

quit being hoodwinked

I try not to go off “Half-Cocked” and display stuff I cannot back up.

Some of it (as Noam Chomsky says) comes down to “The Internet is Great, but you still need to know what you’re looking for”, and he of course still argues libraries and the fact that even today, many of the books have not been downloaded to the Internet yet.  We are getting there though.  Between video and documentation, PDF’s and previously Censored writing, and the fact that many did not even try to write, knowing they would be Censored, I argue with Noam that the Internet is a far better Medium.

A major trip with HollowHoax (this Meme), as people who will argue, don’t click. They do not research the lies they have been told. They just believe. Without investigation.

I see that with God and Jesus too. They just believe because that is what Mommy and Daddy tol’ em, and they go on believing. They don’t even read the Bible that they supposedly believe in, as they go to Church and recite the “Lords Prayer”. If they did, they would question why their Pastor or Minister gets them to say Trespasses instead of Debts (as it is written clearly in both Matthew and Luke, in the Bible, they are supposed to believe in). Everybody else is saying “Trespasses” and so do they.



They never question WHY someone would change those words, or who it might benefit if they changed the words. They might go through their entire lives only looking at what their Pastor or Minister told them to look at, or they might take his “word for it”, as they do no investigation.  Certainly the negating of the word “Debts or Indebtedness”  being withdrawn for your “hoodwinked repeating pleasure” are not worth consideration, right?  


Scratch your head Grasshopper.  Who does not want you saying “Debts”?


They never research at all. Everyone else believes, and so it must be true. Just as with the HollowHoax, they never question “Death Camps” or why someone would plan and build one. As if it was necessary to transport people to kill them? Nope. No question at all.

Yet that is what the “Story Spinners” say. They got off the train and some were sent to Gas Chambers (which nobody ever saw) and some to labor. Even when confronted with the Survivors and many of them being Children or those too Old and feeble to work, their claims of these people going immediately to Gas Chambers, as they spin the story, is proven a lie. Yet they still believe it.

Kinda like Trump. Proven a liar and a fraud and an embezzler and with Mob ties along with Rothschild ties, they ignore the facts. They believe the story. Why? Who knows! If he says the Media is the enemy, they believe it, and ONLY because it is their HERO that says it. Like a bunch of sheep going along with whatever everybody else does. Never investigating… they would run from the room screaming with eyes closed and ears covered if confronted with the evidence. They are not only happy but PROTECTIVE of their false beliefs.

Faced with the evidence, even on the Internet, they will not simply “click” as it is against their belief structure. Some of their “Sheep People” claim Ph.D.’s and state that they are right in their thinking. That is enough for them. Yet the Ph.D.’s will not click either. Their entire schooling was from their Zionist (or other people with other Agenda’s) Masters, and they too never researched. Just read what they were told to read. Believed the people who said they had read. Believed them without question.

The stupidest Generation might have been my Parents one. Yet this one is not much better. If there are to be future Generations, they will laugh at mine and certainly my Parents, as these hoodwinked people just followed the “Party Line” and did as they were told and never investigated, even when “with the Internet” the truth was merely a “click away” as with your HollowHoax Search Engine for topics in:





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