Ok, other than the Hollowhoax…

they lied

What else have they lied about?


  • WWI.  The Lusitania but you might have already seen this topic in other posts here.
  • WWII. We have this covered.
  • Pearl Harbour which we touched on.
  • Korean War
  • Vietnam
  • Gulf War
  • Libya

Far more than this movie goes into, but it does a good job.  Of course, the rest were lies too, and some, even this film cannot touch on, as heads would roll.  They have been rolling heads on the Holocaust for a long time now.  Investigation here will show you that clearly.  Never discussed is the reason (although not hidden) of the German Invasion of Poland as the reason for WWII.  However, they, of course, cannot show justification if they tried for fighting over a Corridor splitting Germany in two by Poland which (that Corridor “So Important”) no longer exists, as there was no justification for that war.  Without the pushing of Britain and France and their backing and being pushed by the Rothschilds, there just is no reason for WWII.


As said in the Film, the 1st Casualty of War is Truth

24 min Film “Click Here”

As for 911 and the most recent “Call to War”, I present this 1hr:20min Video:

Christopher Bollyn: The Man Who Solved 9/11



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