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  1. You have done an amazing work to compile so much and to persist in posting it. Would like to see more exposure. I will post this site, and have been doing so. Seems once I log in I have trouble getting back in for some reason. Often forget my passwords and then cannot recover a new one.
    Thank you for sharing this important info. Ursela Haverbeck is supposed to be released from prison early Summer for her testimony at a German soldiers trial telling of her experience as a prisoner in Auschwitz and was sentenced to prison for three years for telling that the charges just did not happen. She was at least 90 when taken to prison under armed guard in Germany. Cannot find her videos anymore on YT, some say it is too offensive for most people to read. They have silenced her. She has a big following which will give her some protection. She is a heroine. I love her expression when she says, “Come Comrades, to horse, to horse.”. She wants the truth to be known. Hope you might find some of her videos and post them here, if possible. She has interviews translated i n subtitles, and has recorded some of her own. There were many. She has been discredited by another that was at Auschwitz, but there is little to protest of Ms. Haverbeck. I hold her in the highest esteem, and hope her health has held up. I have read that the German prisons are very humane, and that they have private rooms. I hope she has been treated well and am anxious to hear about her. If I find something current I will try to get it posted in a comment so you can verify. I hope there is someone to carry this on and that the one world government of zionism does not come to fruition. One only need to review the Bolchevik Revolution when 66 million Christian Russians were brutally murdered under the rule of 2/3 government of )ews. A sign that we must get to know who these people and what their goals intend to be.

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