*New* Truth on the Bolshevik Revolution

bolshavik revolution

Once again, the Suppression being Exposed

I wish, however people would stop saying “Jews” when these were Free Masons and Zionist. Certainly, the film points that out. Yet to simply say that the Bolsheviks were Jewish, is not really fair to the innocent Jews.

I have exposed this all before on hollowhoax, about the mass murder and Genocide of “mostly Christians” by the Bolsheviks, and I have made it clear that it is Zionist Owned Media that keeps this all suppressed. I have outlined what Hitler was afraid of (rightfully) given this history and what was happening in Russia, and why he thought them to be the biggest threat to Europe.

I have pointed out that Churchill was a Zionist collaborator, counting on them TOTALLY for his life and lifestyle and how he was more a “Drunken Fraud” than any honorable Man or Prime Minister.

Yet this film (not made by myself) puts all of these facts together, maybe not as thoroughly as I have done, but it is at least acknowledged and mentioned, just the same. I suggest you all download the film and keep it, as its time on YouTube will definitely be short.

2 hour Documentary



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