What is wrong with the “White Race”?

white race

I think it absurd that a decent German Woman would not wish…


To Copulate with an Arian!


Yes you were raped by the Russians and the Americans but at least you were not given to them as REVENGE and, if any German Woman Copulates with a “Non-Arian”, you hurt humanity!

You were really harmed (especially in WWII) but none of this was your fault.  You were the daughters of the Mothers that were raped because of the other people’s Jealousy!  You need to stand up to your own maternal affront!  You need to keep it going, as you only mate with Arians.  You are White and the White Race is under attack, and you are the BEST of the BEST of the White Race!

Keep it going!  If you are confused (me being Scottish) will mate with you, but you must Mate “Arian” or they win.

The Russians came in and they sent the Japanese in, and they tried to destroy your race as much as they could!  Eisenhower tried to exterminate all Germans!  Do not MATE with anyone but Arian, as your race is right and such a threat!  Please don’t!

Yeah if you get raped, abort it!  Yet do not bring any baby into this World but that which is Arian!  It is not your fault!  Believe or disbelieve anything you wish, but only take Sperm from an Arian, Please?




Please respect



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