The Truth is spreading like “Wildfire”!

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Yet we have over 7 Billion to reach!

Some might not believe it at first.

Yet, it is true and all throughout Hollowhoax, you will find links to the evidence in the posts.  Most have gotten to the point now, where they do not even comment.  Just share.  Some without even “liking” it first.  Yet Hollowhoax keeps going on day by day (I just paid for another year) and whether I post or not, people are researching the evidence.  Adding to it with their own research, and reproducing stuff which is all here in one form or another.

I want no more credit for the number of years I said these things and produced this evidence than I wish to get money for this site.  The point is “Humanity” and this money (made from nothing) has little hold on me, more than to use for basic survival.  Crypto-Currency will be the future I think, as everyone sees the frauds in the currency we use today and the system of control.  All lying with the Rothschild’s and the Rockefeller’s, it is merely a facade.

Yet someone came up with a good clip (it, I doubt will last too long in its present format) and I advise you all to download it.  As it compiles much of what this entire site has the evidence for.  Give it a watch.

1hr Presentation, putting it all together


One hr talk on the Khazars and Ashkenazi



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