When did they START hoodwinking us?

mushroom christmas

Way before this, but it is a good part to analyze as outrageous!

Can you believe it?  If there was a Jesus (which I can assure you there was not) then Christmas is supposed to be a celebration of Jesus birth.  How did Pine Trees and Magic Mushrooms get into the mix?

Why does Santa dress in red like a Mushroom?  Why is there even paintings of Jesus with this Mushroom?  Why Reindeer?  Why do they fly?

These are all questions you never ask, as you go out each year to get a Christmas Tree.  Why a tree?  The pine tree is where the Mushrooms grow beneath.  That’s why.  The Mushrooms are the “Gift” under the tree.

These Mushrooms are a favorite food of Reindeer.  Magic Mushrooms are a hallucinogen.  They can be eaten raw (as the Reindeer do) but they are toxic in that way to humans.  Humans are better to dry them out before eating them.  Yet for both Reindeer and Humans, the “trip” you get, very well could involve flying.

Santa’s were Spiritual Healers, Shawmen.  Every Christmas, they would gather the Mushrooms from under the pine trees and give them out as gifts to families in their communities.  Sometimes the snow was too deep to get to the families on Christmas Eve, and they would instead come in via the chimney.

People would hang stockings by the fireplace, and if Magic Mushrooms were placed inside of these stockings, they would dry out enough overnight to be non-toxic for the families, but still packing the PUNCH of the drug.

Virtually nothing of Christmas (and how we practice it) has anything to do with Jesus.  It comes from the story of Santa and his flying reindeer and can be traced to an unlikely source: hallucinogenic or “magic” mushrooms.

“Santa is a modern counterpart of a shaman, who consumed mind-altering plants and fungi to commune with the spirit world,”.

Every major meme of our modern myth of Santa Claus can be found among the ancient reindeer herders of Siberia. Their shamanic religion revolves around a psychoactive mushroom, the colorful red-and-white Amanita muscaria. While most people think of Christmas as the classic Christmas celebration, the truth is that most of the symbols associated with Santa Claus are based on the religious traditions of pre-Christian Europe.

Santa Claus the Magic Mushroom

So you do it without thinking.  Nobody knows the origin in most families.  Yet you do it.  Why?  Is it because everybody else does it?  Everyone else believes in the Season?  You can say you do it for your own reasons, but the tree and the red and the white and the reindeer and the presents under the tree?

No wonder MSM can get masses to just “repeat after me”.  As nobody investigates.  They just go with the flow.

The Truth About Christianity – Astrotheology, Evidence, and Magic Mushrooms



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