Why blame Zionists for this?

venezuela election

Simply because they are the Puppeteers pulling the strings!

Trump is going on about a need for a Wall, and that is simply his “Political Ad” for the dumbed down racists still left in the USA, and most without an education.  As the mass migration of refugees into Mexico (some reaching the US Border) is a result of…

United States Intervention in South America!

If it wasn’t for “Zionist Owned Mainstream Media”, you might be well versed in this practice, which has been going on for over a Century.  Government and Media, working for, hand and hand, even with the Schools to keep you all dumbed down enough to form a hatred for victims.  It goes on with the Middle East and Islamophobia.  It also goes on in North America (Canada following the USA as lapdogs) and being totally ignorant of the facts, because Zionists do the best they can do, in order to keep the FACTS from you.

Better that you believe in Racism and Hatred!

Let’s go to “The Real News” to get some “Real Scope” as to what is actually going on here eh Grasshopper?


Attempted US-Led Coup in Venezuela



2 thoughts on “Why blame Zionists for this?”

  1. It’s so lazy to associate racists with those who support the building of a wall across Americas southern border,..illegal immigration is running at 700,000 people a year…gang members,terrorists,drugs are entering America at will…any sane person would not want these issues just walking into there homes,..and America is home to over 300 million people…instead of following the liberal trend of calling anyone a nazi who you dont agree with,…why not come up with a quick,effective solution to an issue that punishes those who try to enter America legally…solutions not inaccurate name calling please

    1. Humans are humans and you have as much input into Government policies as cats control your home, mortgage or rent. Harming other people because of superstition or unwarranted anger merely proves your buying in to the Government propaganda design for you.

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